CZECH REPUBLIC (Ceska Republika)

  • Flag:  The colors white over red represent Bohemia and blue represents Moravia. The blue triangle was added to distinguish it from the Polish flag.
  • Total Area: 30,450 sq mi (78,866 sq km)
  • Government: Parliamentary democracy
  • Languages: Czech 95.4%, Slovak 1.6%, other 3% (2011 census)
  • Religion: Roman Catholic 27%, Protestant 2%, unaffiliated 59% (2001)
  • Date/s Visited: March 2015 (4 days)

Blog Entries:

  1. PRAGUE: The fairy tale city of A Hundred Spires (Part 1) – Prague
  2. PRAGUE: Wandering across one of the most beautiful bridges in Europe (Part 2) – Prague
  3. PRAGUE: Behold! The largest medieval castle in the world, and the biggest church in Czech Republic! (Part 3) – Prague
  4. PRAGUE: A walking tour in the city of contrasts (Part 4) – Prague
  5. PRAGUE: Satisfying hunger with a delightful food trip experience (Part 5) – Prague
  6. Kutná Hora: Visiting the Bone Church or Ossuary in Sedlec – Central Bohemian Region
  7. Kutná Hora: The UNESCO World Heritage Site with the medieval feels – Central Bohemian Region
  8. Kutná Hora: Visiting the Gothic five-naved Church of Sta. Barbara, patron saint of miners – Central Bohemian Region

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