LATVIA (Latvijas Republika)

  • Flag:  Legend has it that the deep red stripes represent the blood shed by a wounded Latvian leader, and the white stripe in the middle represents the cloth used to wrap around his wounds.
  • Total Area: 24,938 sq mi (64,589 sq km)
  • Government: Parliamentary democracy
  • Languages: Latvian (official) 56.3%, Russian 33.8%, other 0.6% (includes Polish, Ukrainian, and Belarusian), unspecified 9.4% (2011)
  • Religion: Lutheran 19.6%, Orthodox 15.3%, other Christian 1%, other 0.4%, unspecified 63.7% (2006)
  • Date/s visited: July 2014 (4 days)

Blog entries:

  1. Riga’s Ball of Flowers: A gathering of horticulture and floriculture professionals and enthusiasts
  2. RIGA: Daugava River sightseeing cruise
  3. Riga’s KGB Corner House: A bitter reminder of the Year(s) of Terror
  4. RIGA: An architectural haven in the heart of the Baltics
  5. RIGA: Pearl of the Baltics

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