NORWAY (Kongeriket Norge) 

Flag:  The Norwegian tricolored flag was influenced by the flags of the United Kingdom and the United States. Designed by Fredrik Meltzer in 1821, the flag was patterned after the Scandinavian/Nordic flags.The red color came from the Danish flag and the blue from the Swedish flag, representing the union of the three countries in the past. The Nordic cross which is used in Nordic flags symbolizes Christianity.

  • Total Area: 125,181 sq mi (324,220 sq km)
  • Government: Constitutional monarchy
  • Languages: Bokmål Norwegian (official), Nynorsk Norwegian (official), small Sami- and Finnish-speaking minorities note: Sami is an official language in nine municipalities
  • Religion: Church of Norway (Evangelical Lutheran – official) 82.1%, other Christian 3.9%, Muslim 2.3%, Roman Catholic 1.8%, other 2.4%, unspecified 7.5% (2011 est.)
  • Date/s visited: July 2013 (5 days), March 2015 (2 days), Lived from July 2015 to present

Norway’s counties/fylke

  • Østfold 
  • Akershus
  • Oslo
  • Hedmark
  • Oppland
  • Buskerud
  • Vestfold
  • Telemark
  • Aust-Agder
  • Vest-Agder
  • Rogaland
  • Hordaland
  • Sogn og Fjordane
  • Møre og Romsdal
  • Sør-Trøndelag
  • Nord-Trøndelag
  • Nordland
  • Troms
  • Finnmark

Blog entries:

  1. Catching the midnight sun in Norway (Akershus)
  2. 200 sculptures in a day! (Oslo)
  3. Oslo: The Tiger City Part I (Oslo)
  4. Oslo: The Tiger City Part II (Oslo)
  5. When your afternoon walk leads you to a ‘kirkegård’ (Akershus)
  6. Blooming Blommenholm! ✿✿✿ (Akershus)
  7. Sandvika on a Sunday! ☼ (Akershus)
  8. A long ‘spasertur’ in beautiful Bærum (Akershus)
  9. Oslofjord: A glimpse of Hovedøya (Oslo)
  10. The Holmenkollen Ski Arena on a summer day ☼ (Oslo)
  11. Into the (Norwegian) woods (Oslo)
  12. Spending Christmas in Norway: The Decorations (Akershus)
  13. Spending Christmas in Norway: Julaften (Akershus)
  14. Visiting the Drammen Museum on a cold winter day ❅❅❅ (Buskerud)
  15. A tour to the “roof of Drammen” on Valentine’s Day (Buskerud)
  16. Pinay on skis! A 2-day skiing experience at Valdres Alpinski Senter (Oppland)
  17. All aboard! 24-hour Stenacruise from Oslo to Frederikshavn (Oslo-Frederikshavn)
  18. Welcome to “the shittiest city” in Norway! 😉 (Buskerud)
  19. LIER: An early autumn hike in Kjekstadmarka (Sørumlia-Molybdengruvene-Skapertjern-Sørumåsen) (Buskerud)
  20. ØSTFOLD ADVENTURE: From northern Europe’s best preserved fortified town of Fredrikstad to Norway’s third oldest city of Sarpsborg (via Glomma) (Østfold)
  21. Hiking across the Saasenveien training course on an icy winter day! Challenge accepted! (Buskerud)
  22. DRAMMEN: Traversing the 10 000 year old Kjøsterud Gorge (Kjøsterudjuvet) (Buskerud)
  23. Drammens Friluftsmuseum on a snow-white winter day! (Buskerud)
  24. DRAMMEN: Globus International Food and Culture Festival (Buskerud)
  25. Winter walk and grill – Konnerud to Drfnkollen route (Buskerud)
  26. Geocaching in Drammen in cold February (Buskerud)
  27. Kolsåstoppen – an amazing and satisfying hiking experience not far from the city! (Akershus)
  28. A long walk in Skotta nature reserve on a hot summer day! (Akershus)
  29. Elvefestivalen – Drammen’s biggest festival of the year! (Buskerud)
  30. A trip to Klopptjern – Drammen’s biggest source of drinking water in earlier times (Buskerud)
  31. Ofotfjorden – Love at first sight (Nordland)
  32. Lofoten Islands – Of majestic fjords and the midnight sun 1 (Nordland)
  33. Lofoten Islands – Of majestic fjords and the midnight sun 2 (Nordland)
  34. The Narvik War Museum and the history of warfare in northern Norway (Nordland)
  35. The University of Oslo Botanical Garden – making the public aware of the importance of plant diversity since 1814 (Oslo)
  36. Visiting the little village of Heddal in Telemark – UiO ISS excursion part 1 (Telemark)
  37. The Telemark Canal – the wonderful waterway – UiO ISS excursion part 2 (Telemark)
  38. Kvitåvatn Fjellstoge – a mountain lodge in an area of dramatic natural beauty – UiO ISS excursion part 3 (Telemark)
  39. A glimpse of the Rjukan Valley from Gvepseborg via Krossobanen cable car – UiO ISS excursion part 4 (Telemark)
  40. The Norwegian Industrial Workers Museum at Vemork and the historical heavy water sabotage – UiO ISS excursion part 5 (Telemark)
  41. A day trip to Tønsberg, the oldest Norwegian town (Things to See and Do) (Vestfold)
  42. Mount Slottsfjell, Scandinavia’s largest ruin site (Vestfold)
  43. The Slottsfjell Museum and the history of Tønsberg (Vestfold)

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