SWEDEN (Konungariket Sverige)

  • Flag:  The Swedish flag uses the Scandinavian pattern, with the Nordic cross symbolizing Christianity. The colors blue and yellow came from the national coat of arms which the country has been using since the 1200s.
  • Total Area: 173,731 sq mi (449,964 sq km)
  • Government: Constitutional monarchy
  • Languages: Swedish, small Sami- and Finnish-speaking minorities
  • Religion: Lutheran 87%, other (includes Roman Catholic, Orthodox, Baptist, Muslim, Jewish, and Buddhist) 13%
  • Date/s visited: May 2013 (3 days), October 2013 (3 days), December 2013 (2 days), July 2014 (4 days)

Blog entries:

  1. Malmö: Home to Scandinavia’s tallest building (Things to see and do)
  2. Kullaberg: The rocky southern edge of Sweden
  3. Söderåsen Nationalpark: A nature reserve dedicated by the King of Sweden
  4. Skåne Djurpark: The world’s largest zoological park hosting Nordic animals
  5. Helsingborg: Pearl of the Strait (Things to see and do)

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