Looking beyond the horizon on top of Mt. Pundaquit

Looking for a nice summer destination? No idea on where to go and what to do? Well, here’s a nice suggestion. Go mountain climbing and explore the wonders of Mount Pundaquit in Zambales, Philippines. 😉

Zambales is the second largest province in Central Luzon, famous for its mangoes, wonderful beaches, the Subic Bay Freeport Zone, and the Subic Bay International Airport.  The name was believed to be a Hispanic version of Sambali, the language spoken by the natives. Others say it was derived from the word “samba’ or worship, as the locals are very superstitious.


In this wonderful province is the fishing village of Pundaquit in San Antonio. The major source of livelihood are, of course, fishing and tourism. Upon reaching the place, expect to be warmly welcomed by the calm seas loved and preserved by the nice and kind locals. I went there with my PE class, so unfortunately, I cannot describe the trip in detail.

July 2007
July 2007; with Ate Gladys
My groupmates
My groupmates

There are huts available for a reasonable price, but you can always opt to put up your very own tent. We did the latter, and after having some refreshments and a good night’s sleep, we headed towards the foot of the mountain to conquer. Here you go: the 642-meter tall Mount Pundaquit. Never forget to bring your jelly ace, or chocolate, and of course your water jug. The place is covered with luscious green forests and bushes, and there are big and small waterfalls.

blog 2

with PE2OR classmates
with PE2OR classmates

As you climb along, you will notice that the paths become steep and slippery. There are locals who will be willing to accompany you if you can’t get a professional sweeper, so there’s nothing to worry about.

blog 4

Every drop of sweat is worth this:

blog 6

blog 6 - Copy

One thing I will always remember about the trip was the fact that we actually experienced rain up close! That huge cloud of rain moved towards us, as if there was an invisible hand swaying it back and forth to sprinkle water to earth and its organisms. The water drops hurt, but it was such an amazing phenomenon!

Here comes the rain!!
Here comes the rain!!

It was my first formal mountain climb and I had a really great time with my PE2OR teammates! This is definitely part of having more fun in PH! 🙂

Group photos
Group photos

If given the chance, I would surely go back to Mount Pundaquit. Just by seeing these photos makes me miss my home country so much! Can’t wait to go back. I remember, I was the only freshman in the group because only upperclassmen normally take the course. I was the “baby” then, and I felt really good having people befriending me and making sure I was having a fantastic time! One of them was Ate Gladys. I have no contact with her whatsoever, but I can still remember her name and her sweet voice. haha

blog 7 - Copy

Have a nice trip and hope you’ll enjoy this part of Zambales! Carpe diem! 😉

**Credits to my PE2OR classmates for most of the pictures.


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