Day 1/33: Foreshadowing

Day 1/33. Hungergames — when waiting takes longer than the actual check-up. And so I gave in to this “Greek beef dish” aka fast food aka crap food. Foreshadowing ba ito of a coming trip to Athens? Anyway, the doctor said I should “take a rest from lifting and twisting to avoid further muscle/joint strain.” How how de carabao de batuten? So help me God. #nomnom

When was the last time I visited the doctor’s clinic while living in Denmark? November? Yep. I usually get sick in November, and on that doctor’s appointment day, the young nurse decided that I needed a blood test. So she filled three vials of my fresh blood and told me to call three days later. To my surprise, those blood vials were all lost and I never learned the “result” of the blood test. The nurse on the phone said she would schedule me again for a check up and a blood test. Ha! Their tactic! They will never get my precious blood again. Luckily, I was feeling better and chose not to go to the doctor again.

But today is different. I have been experiencing an extreme lower back pain for weeks, to the point that I could no longer do my job well and I find it hard to sleep at night. The young doctor said she did not find any serious damage, but wanted me to follow the advice written above. She also said I should keep myself away from too much stress. (So, all you, people! Be gone, be gone! And give me back my peace!)

So, how does the healthcare system in Denmark work? Well, the system runs through the people’s taxes. So once you get a CPR or a registration number, you are automatically covered by the healthcare system, with the exception of dental health. Yep. Anything that has to do with dentists and teeth is expensive in Denmark! For example, tooth cleaning costs 320 DKK. That is around PHP 2000. How much does tooth extraction costs? It depends on the clinic. With my dentist, it’s around 1000 DKK exc. local anesthesia. Lesson: Take care of you teeth!

Last note: I’m doing a documentation of my last 33 days in the Land of the Vikings! Hurrah! And here’s Day 1. Vi ses!



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