Day 2/33: Forevermore

Day 2/33. Dahil bigatin ang kinain ko kahapon, coffee lang ang dinner ko ngayon. “Business as usual.” I hated that expression, but today, I used it to make a point. Kaya ok na din. And while others have already moved on from Forevermore, ako ehh.. katatapos lang panoorin ang final episode. At nalaman ko ang kwento nina Agnes at Xander sa loob ng isang linggo. Salamat, TFC!
It has been raining all day. Bagay sa raining episode. “I love the rainnnn!!! Wooh!” -Xander

Too much for Danish summer!

When is the best time to visit Denmark? Well, there’s no best time. Winter is cold, windy, and dry. It snows for about a couple of days to a week, with big gaps in between. Spring is cold, windy, and rainy. Watch out for big homeless snails and too much pollen all over. It shines for about a couple of days to a week, and you will enjoy the appearing colors all over. Nice flowers and green lushes in spring. Summer.. Well, summer can be hot and a little bit windy. The Danes usually spend their summers abroad, which is weird because summer is a good time to enjoy Denmark. Fall is nice — cold and windy and dry. It might also rain, but it’s part of autumn’s beauty. Imagine the falling leaves, the balding trees and red-orange-brown grounds with a twist of drizzles.

It’s nice to experience all the four seasons. In the Philippines, we only have summer and the rainy season. Living in Denmark made me appreciate summer and enjoy winter at the same time. 😉



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