Day 3/33: Filipino-style spaghetti

Day 3/33. My lucky sister brought me dinner — Filipino style spaghetti! Iba na ang may food budget. 😛 I was surprised by what I heard this morning. But people don’t mean everything they say, kaya huwag agad magpapaniwala. Action speaks louder than words — another cliché, baby! Expecting to spend an awesome long weekend with my sissies!


After ages, I will spend some days with my sisters again. I need some breathing space. Let’s put it that way. 😉 My younger sister Cherry (yep, like the fruit), brought me some Filipino-style spaghetti which cheered me up! She’s so lucky. She has almost everything, and everything goes well for her. She deserves everything, anyway. After some chatting, we took the train to Copenhagen. We will be spending the long weekend with my older sister. It was a bit annoying that I have to go home early on Sunday. BUT NOPE. My life, my rules. It’s a day-off, and I will spend it any way I want!

I have been having a high blood pressure these past few days! Everything around me is so annoying! hahaha Guess I’ll never be happy, unless I love what I do and I do what I love. But first, I need to learn how to avoid getting affected by other people’s behavior and personality. (ignore3x)

One of my college professors told me that I was naive. Well, I’d rather be naive than hurting. Life is so unfair, it hurts! But let’s not talk about misery.

Here’s the recipe for Filipino-style spaghetti. I’ve been a fan of Panlasang Pinoy, and I’m sure anyone will learn from the website and the Youtube videos as well:



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