Day 4/33: Spy

It’s Denmark’s Constitution Day, pero parang wala namang naganap na celebration. And so, my sisters and I just stayed at home and watched some Pinoy movies and shows while pigging out. Dating gawi 😛 And it was probably the last time I’d see a film at Nordisk Film Biografer Palads in Copenhagen, the biggest movie theater in Denmark. Mas malaki pa SM Cinema dito, eh. “Spy” was a super fun movie! It made me forget my masakit na balakang for a while. I miss watching movies in theaters. I miss my bonggang life, kung nangyari man. haha ❤

Woot! It’s a holiday. Denmark is celebrating its Constitution Day. According to sources, the Constitution was first written 1849 and establishes a constitutional monarchy with a representative parliamentary system as Denmark’s form of government. On June 5, 1953, the current constitution was signed and it has been serving as “the existing law, for all to unswerving comply with, the Constitutional Act of Denmark.” The Danes also celebrate Father’s Day on June 5.

“Spy” is a great film to watch on a holiday like this. It’s a story of an agent working for the CIA but has never been out of the field. When her partner got in trouble, she volunteered to be sent out as a spy. It has full of laughs, the whole crowd in the theater was cheering. It’s such a stress-reliever. 😉 And Aldo’s character was so funny.




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