Day 17/33: Norsk

Trying to stay inspired while learning Norsk, the singing language. Bye bye neutral accent? :0

Woot! Hej så!

As you might all know already, my adventure in Denmark, Land of the Vikings and the Little Mermaid, is almost finished. So the question is: What’s next for Maerose? Well, life moves on. Life is a process of moving on, and moving forward. I miss the academe a lot, but there’s still much in the world to see. So after 27 months living in Denmark and trying to integrate myself in this little, flat land, I am moving to Norway to try my luck there. Yup! Further up north. 🙂

The nice thing about the Norwegian language (Norsk) is that it’s pretty similar to Danish, ie, the written language. Orally, Dansk and Norsk are very different from each other. Norsk is more.. melodious, whereas Dansk is a little monotonous. I find the Norwegian accent fascinating, but as much as possible, I’d like to maintain my neutral accent when speaking English. So help me God. 😉



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