Day 19/33: Chowking-style

My sister’s treat — Chowking!

Woot! Hej så!

Food. Just like the other Northern countries, Danish cuisine is mostly meat and potatoes. They’ve also got great pastries! Lately, they have been very meticulous when it comes to the food they consume, especially the Danes in parts of Denmark. I actually lost a lot of weight living in Denmark, lol. 😉

But from time to time, I miss Pinoy food and its over-flowing flavors. And Pinoy cuisine is very much influenced by many other cuisines, like Chinese. Good thing, there are several Asian restaurants in Copenhagen. So when my older sister got a partial scholarship, she immediately texted me and our other sister to celebrate at “Chowking”. Gosh, I miss Chowking.. its lauriat and halo-halo. Nothing compares! But there’s no Chowking in CPH, only a fake ‘Chowking’. haha Nevertheless, we enjoyed the food and endless chatting!




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