Day 20/33: Shopping galore

Woot! Hej så!

13 more days and I’m outta Denmark! haha So I’m in the process of packing my stuff, inventorying (yep, I thought the verb was ‘inventoring’), and acquiring new stuff. Shopping, eh?

I’m not really into shopping. I’m not that type who shops a lot, or who does stress-shopping. I’m a stress-eater. Nope, shopping for food is not shopping shopping. hahaha Anyway, so I went to Strøget, Copenhagen’s Shopping Street, with my sisters and bought some stuff like two pairs of jeans (I lived with only 2 pairs, and now that they’re dead gone, I need new ones), some shorts (babe, it’s summer), a selfie stick (ooops. I’m going solo traveling again), earphones (gotta listen to music while ‘teleporting’), and two dresses (What? .. I’m a girl.).

I just have to get up for more or less a week and I’m free, FREE AS A BIRD!

On our way home, we stopped by a butik to buy some ice cream and look what I’ve found — little Kit Kat ice cream cones! Have a break!



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