Day 24/33: I <3 my hair!

Money-saving tip! This is how I cut my hair. It works best for people with curly hair (like me). Instant layered hair, instant savings wink emoticon


Woot! Hej så!

It’s my father’s birthday today. I miss him and my mom so much!! A few more months and I’ll be able to visit them for 3 weeks. Can’t wait! 😉


Now you see why I’m so pretty. haha 😉 My dad is now in his 50s, and this might sound cliche, but he’s the best dad in the universe! Won’t trade him for anything in this world. ❤

And here’s how I cut my hair. I need to save some money for my travels, and hair salons and parlors are freaking expensive here in Denmark. Why bother go there if I can do it myself? ❤


I’m supposed to sleep early today. Been lacking some sleep the past few weeks. But for some reason, I had stomachache. It’s gone now and I’m ready for my beauty rest! Tomorrow’s the last day of school and finally, some fresh air and new perspectives! Hej hej!


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