A glimpse of Bagong Tuklas cave resort in San Narciso, Quezon Province

Woot! It had been a couple of months since I visited the Philippines. It was a three-week vacation spent with my family, taking the IELTS in Manila, and doing a few errands here and there. 1/3 of my stay was spent in the beautiful province of Quezon, my mom’s hometown. I was raised in that countryside as well, but my family moved back to the less rural town in the province of Laguna when I was 6.

My mom and I took the early bus ride to Quezon on a Thursday. It takes around 6-7 hours to get there from Laguna. I still wish that better public transportation modes, like regional trains, are existent in my home country. But nope. And it was a weekday, so no one was available to drive us to the south. Still, it was a fun experience! Scary, to say the least. Bus drivers in PH can be very reckless and can give you the fastest ride of your life!

At around noon time, we reached the town of San Narciso, where my  aunt and uncle live together with their own respective families. It’s a complicated arrangement, to be honest. But doing business in the province has been good, so they opted to stay. My aunt was determined to have me in her (new) house, and I really wanted to see my uncle and my cousins as well, so I decided to skip the tourists spots and spend several days in Quezon instead.

Ah! I love the sight of towering coconut trees, mango trees, bamboos, etc. I’d write about the province in another entry, but for now, here’s a nice place to visit in Quezon if you’re looking for something peaceful, quiet, away from the horde of tourists, affordable yet still photo-friendly, pretty to behold!

San Narciso, Quezon Province
San Narciso, Quezon Province

Entrance to the resort can vary. Some say it’s 10php, others 5php. My uncle, who runs a business in the vicinity, said it’s 1php. hahaha I guess it really depends on your relationship with the owner? hahaha jk But one thing is for sure. It’s super cheap. Beaches are a communal property, but it is not uncommon in the Philippines to pay entrance fees to gain access to the beach or a body of water. In reality, you are paying for maintenance costs and amenities.

The entrance
The entrance
Paved staircases
Paved staircase


They haven’t really thought of a unique name for the series of caves along the coast. There was an old tarpaulin that says “Bagong Tuklas na cueva” (Newly discovered cave) hanging by the bamboo gate, and the locals simply refer to the place as “Bagong Tuklas”. We didn’t really explore the caves. Instead, we stayed in a comfy spot not very far away from the entrance nor complicated to reach. If you want a full review of the place, esp the caves, feel free to visit: Bagong Tuklas.

So, here are some photos of the beach we “owned” for a day! There were literally no visitors but us. 😉


Towards the cave
Towards the cave




Warning: The resort is kind of isolated. You might find some convenience stores in little huts along the way, but no fancy restaurants, carinderias or eateries, fancy toilets and spas, and life guards in the area. They lack personnel, if I may say. So, pack your own goodies and food, and don’t forget to bring your trash with you when you leave! Grilling is allowed. 😉

Want some kasag and sinampalukang isda?
Want some kasag (crab) and sinampalukang isda (fish cooked in tamarind-based stew)?


If you like jumping off from cliffs or rocks (not that I encourage it! haha):



It was a really fantabulous experience to be in a serene place, looking out towards the horizon, and enjoying the salty and refreshing seawater with family and friends. Filipinos, especially the locals in the countryside, are incomparable when it comes to hospitality, and I’m not saying that because I am a Filipino. I am stating that as a human who has been outside her comfort zone. 😉 Hoping to visit Quezon province again in the future!

I am free!
I am free!

Thanks to my aunt and uncle who hosted me. It’s fun to be part of a huge clan in PH. haha ❤ Until next time!


16 thoughts on “A glimpse of Bagong Tuklas cave resort in San Narciso, Quezon Province

  1. wow, it seems really coool… I have never been to any caves in our country but it has always been on my bucket list.. this must be a wonderful experience for you and based on your pictures it seems like the place is quite unspoiled pa which is exactly what I prefer!
    Thanks for sharing and hopefully I can visit this place someday


  2. It’s the perfect place to unwind and be away from the real world some times. With our past-paced life nowadays we really need to connect to nature like this.
    I am from Quezon Province but never been there. It’s far.


  3. Looks like a great place to chill with a little bit of adventure. It’s a little bit far from the metro but I think it’s worth the try.. Maybe I will visit the place next time.


  4. Wow that beach looks amazing and there aren’t many people, how cool! Nowadays when I see an almost deserted beach I get amazed because more Filipinos have now become travelers.

    I haven’t been to Quezon but I will be there this April in Bangkong Kahoy. If Bagong Tuklas is not that far from BK I’d make a side trip.


  5. Wow! I’ve only been to Lucena, Quezon and the beaches weren’t as beautiful as this place. It looks like the perfect place to shoot. Haha. Also, I really relate to scary bus rides…. I also took a bus ride to Quezon and I felt like we we’re riding the car from the Fast And Furious. 😛 Awesome photos and thanks for sharing!


  6. Thank you!!! with your post, I keep discovering how beautiful our country really is. I can only imagine what it’s like to literally own a beach and how serene it must have felt.


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