Movie#1: Up (2009)

It’s a beautiful Saturday in Drammen! 🙂 After climbing up Spiraltoppen for the third time, I decided to stay at home with the bf for the rest of the day. We didn’t find any interesting movie shown in the theater, so we just went our separate ways, aka watch movies/tv series we are interested in on our own while still sitting together on the same sofa.

I have long thought of making a list or something of the films I’ve seen. I’ve actually started blogging about them, and a few can be found on my old blog, but life always gets in the way. Now, I’ve decided I’d start all over again. 🙂 I have many interests, and watching movies is an old-time favorite!

Up! is an animated film produced by Pixar Animation Studios and released by Walt Disney Pictures in 2009. Ah! I love Pixar films! And I usually don’t get tired watching them again and again. The story revolves around Carl, a 78-year old man who, as a little boy, idolized an explorer named Charles Muntz. Carl married his childhood friend, Ellie, and together, they made dreams of traveling to South America and moving their house on to of a cliff by the Paradise Falls, or the Angel Falls in real life. Right after the wedding part comes my favorite part —  the depiction of the married life between Carl and Ellie. Ellie suffered a miscarriage, but that didn’t stop them from setting up a travel fund. However, certain life events led the two to spend their travel money, until they grew very old and could no longer travel.

After Ellie died, industrialization came to their area. The authorities forced Carl to admit himself to a house for pensionists, but Carl refused and instead, flew away from the area by tying up thousands of balloons to the house. Along with Russel, a little boy determined to get his missing badge for helping an elderly, Carl steered his way to South America. There, they met Kevin, a huge colorful bird, and Dug, a Golden Retriever with a talking device around its neck. They had to fight against Muntz, who was stationed there trying to hunt Kevin’s species to prove that his skeletal exhibition of the exotic bird was real.

It was a fun, family-friendly movie which can be inspiring to those who miss the importance of traveling and relationships. It shows how life is short and how it slips away in a blink of an eye.

In my previous movie entries, I include a self-made drawing or two. Sadly, I didn’t bring my art stuff with me, so I’ll just leave a quote from Russell:

“It might sound boring, but I think the boring stuff is the stuff I remember the most.”

Hopefully, I’d move on from this movie and have the time to watch another. ❤

Photo from Wikipedia

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