Movie #2: 10 Cloverfield Lane (2016)

Woot! Maerose here. I am so drowning in Norwegian grammar and texts! 😛 But hey, three more days and the pressure is over. For the meantime, here’s the second movie on the list: “10 Cloverfield Lane”, an American sci-fi psychological thriller released in March this year.

I’m not a major fan of horror or suspense movies, so watching this film with someone really helped a lot! I think I screamed several times throughout the movie. My boyfriend and I watched it last night, but up to now, I still have a movie hangover. Directed by Dan Trachtenberg and written by Josh Campbell, Matthew Stucken and Damien Chazelle, the movie was a box office and received many good reviews.

So, what is it about? I just loved how the story toyed with me psychologically. It started with the main character, Michelle (Mary Elizabeth Winstead), running away from her boyfriend, Ben. Her car crashed and she woke up in an empty room with her leg chained on the wall. She tried to escape a couple of times, but Howard, an old man who transformed a bunker into an escape complete with furniture and food, wouldn’t let her. He told her that the US was invaded by the Russians and there were alien attacks, and that the air outside was contaminated. Of course, it was hard to believe, so my bf and I agreed that Howard was psychotic. However, the next time Michelle tried to escape, she did witness a dying woman trying to get into the bunker.

I forgot to mention that there was another guy with them in the bunker, Emmett, who helped Howard set up the place as preparation for an alien invasion. Thus, he knew it existed and ran towards it as soon as the attack happened. After a malfunction on the ventilation unit of the bunker, Michelle found out that Howard killed a woman, who was a classmate of Emmett’s sister but Howard introduced as his daughter “Megan”. Michelle, then, devised a plan to escape, making a suit to protect her from the contaminated air outside. Emmett helped her, but Howard discovered that they were up to something, and ended up killing Emmett.

Michelle continued with her plan, and when Howard realized she was going to escape, they fought and Michelle kicked the barrel with the toxic substance that eats human flesh towards Howard. Michelle did manage to escape though, and was surprised to see birds in the sky. So she took off her mask, and kaboom! The unimaginable happened. There was indeed an alien invasion and the UFO releases a substance that contaminates the air. hahaha

The movie is for people who like twists and suspense. I think the effects were good and the acting, commendable. 😉 Watch the movie if you want to know the ending! Ohkie dokie.. this is all for now. I’d probably won’t be able to watch more movies until my final exams are over. 😉




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