Movie #3: Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl (2003)

Woot! Maerose here. It’s a wonderful rainy, stormy weather here in Drammen, and I basically have nothing else to do than to enjoy the remaining two days of my summer vacation. This kind of “cozy” weather is my favorite. After spending two days, one night camping by a lake in the woods with the bf, staying at home with warm chocolate or coffee under the cloudy sky is the best kind of activity I could possibly think of. The camping was nice, it was brief but I liked the experience. It wasn’t all sunshiny weather. Nevertheless, we found ourselves activities to occupy our time and through which we bonded and got to know each other better. It was also my first camping experience here in Norway, and I am looking forward to more!

Now, back to Drammen. The Pirates of the Caribbean movie series has been a favorite! Johnny Depp’s acting is super commendable, and the movies are entertaining in general! We decided to rewatch the movies, and here’s the first one: The Curse of the Black Pearl, released by Walt Disney Pictures and Jerry Bruckheimer in 2003. It was a blockbuster hit!

A little bit about the plot: The movie started with an old ship sailing towards Jamaica, with Governor Swann, his daughter Elizabeth (Keira Knightley), and Lieutenant Norrington on board among the rest of the crew. Elizabeth had been fascinated with pirates stories and she knew plenty about it. It was her as well who found the boy, Will Turner (Orlando Bloom), floating in the sea. They rescued Will and Elizabeth caught glimpse of the Black Pearl, an ancient pirate ship. She, then, took the golden pirate medallion from Will’s neck and kept it to protect the boy.

Later on, we meet Captain Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp), and learn about his voyage as Captain of the Black Pearl. He was tricked by Captain Barbossa, stole the Black Pearl and the crew, and left him on an island. Jack promised to use his last bullet to kill Barbossa. He managed to leave the island and continue his life as a pirate. After so many years, Will became a blacksmith and Elizabeth became his love interest. Norrington, who was promoted to commodore, proposed to Elizabeth, but before Elizabeth could give a response, she fell into the water because of her tight corset. Jack saved her, causing Jack’s captivity and imprisonment.

Now, Captain Barbossa returned to collect the last of the 882 golden medallions that will lift the curse that had befallen upon the Black Pearl and the pirates. The curse made them immortal! Thinking that Elizabeth was the owner of the last medallion, they took her to Isla de Muerta, where they kept their treasures and where the chest of 881 golden medallions was stored. He needed to return the last medallion, with a dash of the blood of its owner.

Will asked Jack to help him rescue Elizabeth. After they managed to take Elizabeth away from the island, Will found out that it was him who really owned the medallion and whose blood the pirates needed to lift the curse. The Black Pearl and the Interceptor, ship to Jack and Will and their crew, fought in the middle of the sea. Back to Isla de Muerta, Jack and Barbossa engaged in a duel, which ended with Jack shooting his last bullet towards his mortal enemy. Barbossa laughed, thinking that his immortality caused him to survive. But Will had cut himself and returned the blood-stained medallion to the chest, lifting the curse from the pirates and the Black Pearl. Barbossa died from the bullet.

The movie took its ending with Jack facing his execution for his countless crimes. Will, then, professed his love for Elizabeth before trying to save Jack. Jack and Will, however, were captured by Norrington and his guards. Elizabeth joined in, giving Jack the chance to escape and be rescued by the Black Pearl, which hailed him as captain once more. The governor finally gave his blessing to Elizabeth and Will and all ended well, except for Captain Barbossa’s monkey which stole a medallion from the chest, giving it immortality. XD

If I am going to have a movie collection, the Pirates of the Caribbean will definitely be on the list. Not that I like pirates in reality, but because I am fascinated with the stories revolving around human bravery, ingenuity and his being human. Now off to see the second film. 😉

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