5) BY-2651732 A lovely map card of the country sent by Nastya, who also wrote about her city and Belarus as a land with many rivers, lakes and bogs. I’d love to visit Belarus someday! Beautiful stamps used! ❤


4) BY-2639051 This art card shows a caricature of the Old City Theatre in Mogilev, Belarus. Nice little stamps used!


3) BY-2640236 Alena sent this nice postcard showing least weasel with a matching stamp! I enjoyed it. ❤


2) BY-2635570 A lovely art card of an oil painting entitled Maslenitsa (1919) by Kustodzieu Barys. Maslenitsa is one-week eastern Slavic religious and folk holiday which marks the end of the winter season. It is celebrated on the last week before the Christian Lent, or on the eighth week before the eastern Orthodox Pascha. Interestingly, it has other names, like Butter Week, Crepe Week, Cheesefare Week, Syropust, Kolodiya, and Masnytsia. Tanya, the sender, shared what she had for breakfast – cereal in milk and a cup of coffee (sounds like my breakfast some times during the year ). Lovely stamps used! ❤


1) BY-2587720 My first card from Belarus in 2020! I remember being curious about the said country when I was “younger” and was just starting my postcard collection. Hopefully, we’ll get to visit Belarus too! Nastya sent this art card of a Christmas market! It reminds me of all the nice christmas markets we visited this winter (and the previous winters!). I love the smell of gingerbread and churros and glazed apples! And the taste of gluwein. 😛 Stamp used shows the Mustela lutreola or European mink. ❤

PC 15 BY2587720