5) CA-1029023 A postcard with cherry blossoms or sakura from Al. She shared that she has just finished a book entitled Girl, Interrupted, an autobiography of a lady in a mental institution in the USA in the 1960. Sounds very interesting! I actually miss reading literature that is not research or non-fiction. 😉 Lovely stamps used, including one that features Veronica Foster (1922-2000), a Canadian singer also popularly known as Ronnie, the Bren Gun Girl. ❤



4) CA-1014834 An art card entitled Algoma Country (1921), painted in oil by the Canadian artist Lawren Harris (1885-1970). Lovely stamps used! ❤


3) CA-1015124 A postcard with lovely daisies sent by Suzi! This put a smile on my face and gave me inspiration. 🙂 I love daisies! And I love the effort and creativity Suzi poured on the card. Plus, she used amazing stamps! ❤


2) CA-1002113 This amazing postcard of the Wood Buffalo National Park, the largest national park in Canada and second largest national park in the world, was sent by Sharon in May and has been in transit for more than 50 days! The park is even larger than Switzerland. It was established in 1922 to protect the largest herd of free roaming wood bison, and has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1983. (Source: wikipedia).


1) CA-1002114 My first postcard from Canada this 2020! Jane sent me this art card featuring what the Canadian province of Nova Scotia has to offer. Nova Scotia is the second most densely populated province in the country, and the second smallest province by area. The capital is Halifax – I first heard of the city’s name through ICN, as it is the venue to the 11th ICN NP/APN Network Conference. I hope we can visit Canada someday ❤ Jane shared her most important life hack – to not make decisions rushly! I agree to that, but sometimes, impulsivity can also lead to good results. So, one can’t really tell. 😉 Lovely stamp used!