5) CN-2965906 This card was sent in a large envelope. It was nice, but the envelope was too big and dented that I couldn’t keep it. The sender is a collector of different stuff from Norway, and was asking for a direct swap. Unfortunately, I don’t do swaps, as indicated on my Postcrossing profile. Still thankful that the sender sent something though. 🙂


4) CN-2955994 Lovely postcard showing the skyline of Guangzhou! I’m happy that the Chinese post is functioning again. I ordered some postcards and crossstitch from AliExpress and they have been travelling since the beginning of May! The crossstitch patterns are still in Guangzhou, according to the tracking app. XD Anyway, Rain used lovely stamps! ❤


3) CN-2954018 A charming postcard from China! Unfortunately, I don’t know what’s written below the picture. Nice stamps used also.


2) CN-2899482 Isn’t is cool? I got two consecutive Postcrossing IDs from China (see the other one below)! This card shows the snow covered square of Yuer Hutong, which, according to the sender Francoise, features a “renovated old-style courtyard house”. Francoise, who was from France, has retired in China. I wonder where I will retire (hopefully with my husband). I love Norway, but I also love summer 365 days! ❤ Love the beautiful Chinese stamps used. I think it’s about time for China to give their stamps some English translations. They’re very aesthetically pleasing to look at, but I have no idea what the pictures are. XD And nope, no time to learn Chinese.. Already a multilingual, my brain is full. XD

PC 26 CN2899482

1) CN-2899483 This nice art card har traveled for more than a month from China to Norway. It shows the Northwest A&F University where the sender is currently a frehsman. I miss my first alma mater, the University of the Philippines main campus in Diliman. Right now, I’m taking my second degree at the University of South-eastern Norway (Universitetet i Sør-øst Norge). I love the academe… ❤ Li, the sender, wrote about her (then) upcoming trip to her hometown, Xilan, to celebrate the Lunar New Year with her family. Love the stamps used! Although there are no English translations..

PC 25 CN2899483