2) FI-3639722 I’ve been living in Norway now for 4 years, but still haven’t seen the Northern Lights. XD Det skjer når det skjer.. So this postcard from Nokia, Finland reminds me of that item in my travel bucket list. Nina used lovely Finnish stamps – they really make fancy shaped ones! ❤

PC 23 FI3639722

PC 23 FI3639722 bak2

1) FI-3638132 This nice card from Sari shows the Finlayson Industrial Area in Tampere. It was founded by Scotsman James Finlayson in the 1800s. Today, it houses offices, shops, restaurants, museum and a theater. 🙂 First stamp show the Clangula hyemalis or long-tailed duck, which, by using their wings, can dive in waters up to 60 meters! Second stamp shows some spring berries – can’t wait for spring to come! ❤ It would be nice to visit Tampere next time we are in Finland! Been to Helsink in 2017 with the hubby. ❤

PC 2 FI3638132