19) FI-3785728 A pretty addition to my little collection of Inge Löök’s Merry Aunties! This one is #28, with the Aunties out on a boat trip. Mia used a lovely illustrated stamp. ❤



18) FI-3777827 A nice Finnish classical postcard featuring an art work by Finish painter and illustrator, Martta Wendelin (1893-1986). Lovely stamps used, including a daisy flower! ❤


fi3777827 bak

17) FI3756712 Jussi, an art lover, sent this postcard depicting Achilles and Patroclus, an art piece attributed to Euphronios. In Greek mythology, the two men shared a special intimate bond as wartime companions, that when Hector killed Patroclus, Achilles sought vengeance. He eventually killed Hector outside the gates of Troy. 😉 Lovely stamp used! ❤


FI3756712 bak

16) FI-3756722 A nice postcard of a flower garden, with beautiful daisies! And a fish stamp used. ❤


FI3756722 bak

15) FI-3752695 This postcard features an illustration by the Finnish artist, Rudolf Koivu (1890-1946). He illustrated children story books. 😉 Lovely stamps used! ❤ And what lovely daisy sticker!


14) FI-3722409 So, I have a new favorite postcard to collect – Inge Löök’s Merry Aunties. Inspired by her adventures or everyday experiences with a neighbor, Inge Löök started the illustrations in 2003, starting with 4 drawings that were supposed to be Valentines cards. I like the theme – because it depicts how female friendships are. Also, I think that as women grow older, friendships become more meaningful. It’s hard to find friendships that are not superficial as you mature. ❤ Lovely Moomin stamp used!


13) FI-3717251 A lovely illustrated map card of Finland, from Sansku, who also used a very nice stamp. 🙂


12) FI-3721740 A lovely painting entitled Tyttö ja vesilintu (Girl and waterbird) (1911) by Pekka Halonen. Johanna, the sender, shared her visit to the summer cottage last month – very descriptive, I felt like I was there, too. I guess we share the same love for spring. 🙂 Lovely stamps and stickers used! ❤


11) FI-3712537 Jyväskylä is the largest city in Central Finland and the first city in Finland to establish a Finnish language grammar school, a teacher training college for primary school teachers and a school for girls. So, it is basically an educational hub. It is also dubbed as Finland’s City of Lights! It sounds like this city is a city of vibe and is very much alive. Would love to visit someday! Sari used a nice Finnish flag stamp. ❤


10) FI-3702611 Funny, my husband has been nagging me to get a cat. 😉 This postcard was sent by Pirkko, who owns not just one but two cats! Nice stamp used. ❤

PC67 fi3702611

9) FI-3697568 Santa on this card! Eila, the sender, is a nurse – it’s inspiring to meet nurses on Postcrossing. I am hopefully also done with my nursing studies next month. 🙂 This article answers the question about Santa’s hometown: It has been established that he lives in Lapland, Finland, although we’re not really sure is he’s Finnish! Lovely stamps used. ❤

PC66 FI3697568

8) FI-3699679 Maria sent this nice card featuring the city of Porvoo located on the southern coast of Finland. On the photo is the Old Town, with the Medieval Cathedral and old storage houses. I wish we could start traveling again. 🙂 Lovely stamps used! ❤

PC61 FI3699679

7) FI-3697957 This photo of the Finlandia Hall was taken by the famous photographer Taneli Eskola in 2012. Located in Finlandia Park in Helsinki, the hall was built in 1971 and now functions as a congress and event venue. Cute Finnish stamps used! ❤

PC59 FI3697957

6) FI-3693778 This amazing structure is the Finnish Nature Centre in Haltia (Suomen Luontokeskus Haltia). One can experience a touch of Finnish nature in Haltia, with its accessible hiking paths and proximity to the Nuuksio National Park. Virpi, the sender, wrote about their honeymoon road trip in Norway in the 70’s. Finland was also the first country my husband and I visited as a newly wed couple way back in 2017. ❤ Wildlife-themed stamps used! ❤

PC58 FI3693778

5) FI-3694194 This card is actually a photo taken by Finnish photographer Taneli Eskola in 2009, entitled “Early spring in Espoo”. Well, it still looks like winter on the photo. It’s timely, as spring has approached. My husband and I enjoyed being out in nature today (although our feet and legs are hurting now from walking too much). We love seeing the blooming flowers and the budding trees. As my husband puts it, things come back to life! ❤ The sender, Arja-Liisa, used really nice stamps from 2004. ❤

PC54 FI3694194

4) FI-3678224 This lovely art card depicts the enchanting Lappeenranta, a rural city located in southeast Finland, by the Lake Saimaa. I hope traveling conditions, or restrictions, will normalize again. I miss traveling. ❤ Tiina, the sender, wrote about Lappeenranta, and shared a nice quote –  “If we wait, until we’re ready, we’ll be waiting for the rest our life”. As I’ve always been saying – we’ll never be “ready”, so take risks and learn from life. 😉 Lovely stamps used, including a metallic winter-themed one! ❤

PC33 FI3678224

3) FI-3681613 This card shows sunset (or sunrise?) in one of Finland’s many lakes. The sender Tiina wrote about why the country is dubbed the Land of a Thousand Lakes. Finland has “187 888 lakes and 179 584 islands” and “more than 3 300 000 saunas”. Hubby and I visited Finland in 2017 and we had a great time there! I have to say, Tiina has a very neat penmanship. And she used lovely animal stamps! ❤

PC32 FI3681613

2) FI-3639722 I’ve been living in Norway now for 4 years, but still haven’t seen the Northern Lights. XD Det skjer når det skjer.. So this postcard from Nokia, Finland reminds me of that item in my travel bucket list. Nina used lovely Finnish stamps – they really make fancy shaped ones! ❤

PC 23 FI3639722

1) FI-3638132 This nice card from Sari shows the Finlayson Industrial Area in Tampere. It was founded by Scotsman James Finlayson in the 1800s. Today, it houses offices, shops, restaurants, museum and a theater. 🙂 First stamp show the Clangula hyemalis or long-tailed duck, which, by using their wings, can dive in waters up to 60 meters! Second stamp shows some spring berries – can’t wait for spring to come! ❤ It would be nice to visit Tampere next time we are in Finland! Been to Helsink in 2017 with the hubby. ❤

PC 2 FI3638132