3) FR-1291422 This postcard shows one of the components of  the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Jurisdiction of Saint-Emilion, “an outstanding example of an historic vineyard landscape that has survived intact and in activity to the present day”. It is located in the Department of the Gironde in southwest France, which has Bordeaux as capital. Sebastian wrote that this region is famous for wine! The monolithic church of St. Emilion (photo on postcard) was built in the early 12th century. It’s not easy to imagine that this amazing architecture all came from just one stone, dug into a rocky hillside. Lovely stamps of famous French used. ❤


2) FR-1285416 Yipee! A lovely lali riddle card from Anais. Hint from me: the chick is disguised as a cowboy hat. 😉 Lovely Year of the Rat stamp! ❤


1) FR-1287337 A lovely art card of a toucan bird from Tamara, who wrote about how she cope in this pandemic. She also shared her usual breakfast – a couple of eggs and bread, plus an english breakfast tea! I like it, and I eat such breakfast too from time to time, only, with ginger honey tea. 🙂 Lovely stamp used!