4) DE-8896682 This art card is a Belle and Boo, a company in the UK producing story-book illustrations. Reminds me of my childhood when I loved drawing, and I drew every day, even selling them to my schoolmates. XD Stamp shows knapweeds (Flockenblume/Centaurea). ❤

PC 20 DE8896682

PC 20 DE8896682 bak 2

3) DE-8900280 Michaela sent this nice artcard, depicting her obvious love for horses! Horses are magnificent creatures, I think. In Oslo, policemen use horses to patrol around the city, and Norwegians give much respect to this friendly animals, and police horses receive the same respect and appreciation as their riders. Stamps used show 1) the Wiesenschaunkraut or cuckoo flower. The second word in its latin name, Cardamine pratensis, means “meadow”. 2) Pippi Langstrømpe (norwegian)! Or Pippi Longstocking. Or Pippi Langstrumpf (german) – a famous cartoon character from the children’s series written by Swedish Astrid Lindgren. ❤

PC 16 DE8900280

PC 16 DE8900280 bak2

2) DE – 8881210 The Hamburg Central Station – Germany’s largest unsupported station hall. The stamp is a gentle reminder about freedom of the press. ❤

PC 6 DE8881210

PC 6 DE8881210 bak2

  1. ) DE-8879012 A nice postcard from Martine, showing the Eisenbach Castle in Lauterbach in Hesse, Germany. It was first documented in 1217. When the Eisenbach family died out, the Riedesel barons took over from 1429 up to the present. 🙂 Lauterbach, on the other hand, is famous for the oldest beer in state of Hesse. It would be nice to visit the place next time. I have only been to Berlin (in 2014 with my sister, and 2018 with hubby). ❤ Stamp shows knapweeds (Flockenblume/Centaurea).
PC 1 DE8879012
Eisenbach Schloss