12) DE-9073920 This nice art card from Wiebhe shows “sea magic” (Meereszauber).  I think it’s a lovely drawing. And the stamp features freedom of the press. Wiebhe wrote that this is her first card to Norway, and shared that she learned a hack of cutting mango properly so nothing much goes to waste. I miss mango from the Philippines. I usually cut it in crisscross and then flip it gently! Perfect dessert… They sell only one type of mango here, the greenish reddish one. It’s good, but it’s not as sweet and fruity as Philippines mango. 😉

PC42 DE9073920

PC42 DE9073920 BAK2

11) DE-9076377 Cool, I got two consecutive Postcrossing numbers from Germany (see DE-9076376 below)! They didn’r arrive at the same time though. This card shows Harry Potter. I loved reading the books about 10 years ago, when I was still in the university in the Philippines. I spent my free time in the library to read the series. 😉 And I’ve seen all the movies as well. I had to convince my husband to go to Platform 3 1/4 at King’s Cross Station when we visited London last year to fangirl! There were too many people though, so I didn’t have a picture holding the cart that goes into the wall. 😉 I like Harry Potter and would be delighted to have the books in my little home library. Anyway, Christian, the sender, used.. exactly the same stamps as DE-9076376! Super cool!!! ❤

PC40 DE9076377

PC40 DE9076377 BAK2

10) DE-9076376 The Hercules monument in Kassel is featured on this postcard. It really looks interesting, almost looks like the temple ruins in Bali, Athens or Rome. 😛 I have been to Berlin twice and I really would like to explore Germany more. My husband needs more convincing though because he said he’s not interested in exploring Germany. Ralf, the sender, used nice Sesame Street and flower stamps. ❤

PC39 DE9076376

PC39 DE9076376 BAK2

9) DE-9057663 This card shows an aerial view of the Zeulenroda Sea. Zeulenroda is a resort or tourist town situated south of the Thuringian Slate Mountains. Shown on the card is the 4-star Bio-Seehotel! Volker, the sender, used lovely flower stamps. ❤

PC37 DE9057663

InkedPC37 DE9057663 BAK2_LI

8) DE-9068275 This postcard shows the Roßmarkt (horse market) in Alzey, Germany. The bronze horse statue was made by artist Gernot Rumpf. Helmut, the sender, shared his many years of collecting postcards – an inspiration for a budding collector like me. 🙂

PC35 DE9068275

PC35 DE9068275 bak2

7) DE-9058158 This card from Sandra advertises the 14th Fürstenfeld Garden Day, an annual event that showcases horticulture, made for garden and plant lovers. Usually held in May, the event also has beer gardens and food kiosks, and visitors can join workshops and lectures. Very interesting.. Sandra shared her interests, and we have very common likes! Thanks also to her for using lovely stamps! ❤

PC31 DE9058158

PC31 DE9058158 bak2

6) DE-9055983 A couple of very cute squirrels on this postcard! Hubby and I often see squirrels when we go out for a walk in the woods. I’m looking forwards to nature walks when spring, and eventually summer, comes! Tanya, the sender, wrote about some of her interests, and we basically have common likes. And what lovely stamps of Sesame Street characters, Phlox flowers and the number 3!

PC29 DE9055983

PC29 DE9055983 bak 2

5) DE-9053275 Lovely postcard showing the old town hall of the World Heritage City of Bamberg from Regina. She shared her wedding day experience in the said town hall, as she celebrated her 6th wedding anniversary. Wow! ❤ I myself am married.. for 3 years now! Thanks to Regina, she used a nice flower stamp featuring knapweeds. ❤

PC27 DE9053275

PC27 DE9053275 bak2

4) DE-8896682 This art card is a Belle and Boo, a company in the UK producing story-book illustrations. Reminds me of my childhood when I loved drawing, and I drew every day, even selling them to my schoolmates. XD Stamp shows knapweeds (Flockenblume/Centaurea). ❤

PC 20 DE8896682

PC 20 DE8896682 bak 2

3) DE-8900280 Michaela sent this nice artcard, depicting her obvious love for horses! Horses are magnificent creatures, I think. In Oslo, policemen use horses to patrol around the city, and Norwegians give much respect to this friendly animals, and police horses receive the same respect and appreciation as their riders. Stamps used show 1) the Wiesenschaunkraut or cuckoo flower. The second word in its latin name, Cardamine pratensis, means “meadow”. 2) Pippi Langstrømpe (norwegian)! Or Pippi Longstocking. Or Pippi Langstrumpf (german) – a famous cartoon character from the children’s series written by Swedish Astrid Lindgren. ❤

PC 16 DE8900280

PC 16 DE8900280 bak2

2) DE – 8881210 The Hamburg Central Station – Germany’s largest unsupported station hall. The stamp is a gentle reminder about freedom of the press. ❤

PC 6 DE8881210

PC 6 DE8881210 bak2

  1. ) DE-8879012 A nice postcard from Martine, showing the Eisenbach Castle in Lauterbach in Hesse, Germany. It was first documented in 1217. When the Eisenbach family died out, the Riedesel barons took over from 1429 up to the present. 🙂 Lauterbach, on the other hand, is famous for the oldest beer in state of Hesse. It would be nice to visit the place next time. I have only been to Berlin (in 2014 with my sister, and 2018 with hubby). ❤ Stamp shows knapweeds (Flockenblume/Centaurea).
PC 1 DE8879012
Eisenbach Schloss