2) IN-399456 Lovely postcard of the famous Taj Mahal! I remember reading about it in our textbooks in the Philippines when I was young. The structure was built by Mughal emperor Shahjahan in memory of his wife. Imagine such love, and such great amount of money and power to have it built. 😉 Nice stamps of the mathematical genius, Srinivasa Ramanujan (1887-1920) used. ❤

PC65 IN399656

PC65 IN399656 BAK

1) IN-399630 Here’s my first received postcard from India this 2020. 🙂 It’s a nice postcard of the Chor Bazaar or thief market. Located in South Mumbai, it is one of the largest flea markets in India. Perhaps it is similar to Divisoria in the Philippines. 🙂 Unfortunately, the stamp didn’t make it. It either fell or was taken off… I still like it though, since it reached me safely after traveling miles. ❤

PC56 IN399530

PC56 IN399530 BAK