6) NL-4728200 An illustrated greeting card from Amsterdam from Bettina, who also loves to travel. Lovely stamps used!


5) NL-4695745 A nice addition to my Inge Löök collection! This is number 23 of the series and was sent by Gea, who likes going to the zoo, just like me and my husband when we travel. 😉 Lovely stamps used! ❤


4) NL-4688216 A happy Postcrossing postcard from the Netherlands! Lovely stamps used. ❤


3) NL-4650967 A lovely art card from Tenya, featuring an art work by the English painter and printmaker, Carl Stimpson. Tenya also shared what she had for breakfast – porridge with brown sugar! Sounds yummy! I skipped breakfast today, actually. I wasn’t feeling hungry, and then just hopped on to dinner of pasta with white sauce. 😉 Nice stamp used. ❤


2) NL-4604352 This postcard shows an aerial view of the Het Loo Palace and Gardens in Apeldoorn, a city in the province of Gelderland in central Netherlands. Originally built for royals in the 1600s, the palace is now a state museum and one of the Top 100 Dutch heritage sites. Freddy, the sender, also works with people and helps take care of young people with severe brain damage. Such a tough job which requires so much passion. Nice stamp and stickers used. ❤

PC51 NL4604352

1) NL-4593699 Lovely card from Marielle, acquired from, which advocates treeplanting to compensate for CO2 emissions. I am excited for spring to come! My husband and I love going for walks in the woods. I also hope that the corona virus will just disappear, or that we succeed in counteracting it. As of today, school has been suspended until April 13, 2020. We will only be holding digital classroom. I’m gonna miss my friends. Since I work in healthcare, it will be business as usual. XD Anyway, thanks to Marielle for using a nice stamp of.. Unfortunately, there’s no name, so I don’t know who the guy in the stamp is. I still like it though. ❤