2) PT-680222 A nice country card featuring the art of Portugal. I find similarity with Spain’s tile art. Tati wrote that they are experiencing 32C, while we in Norway are welcoming autumn with 8-20C, and with the lovely changing of nature’s colors from luscious green to dramatic yellow, orange and red. ❤ Stamp used commemorates the centenary of the Peter Cafe Sport, a restaurant in an Azorean house founded by Henrique Azevedo in 1918. He named it Cafe Sport, as he loved playing soccer, rowing and billiards. 😉



1) PT-673225 This postcard had a rough trip to Norway. It was in transit for 62 days! And came with dents. It shows the St. George’s Castle (Castelo de Sao Jorge) on different times of the day. Margarida (very nice name), wrote about how she spends her time during this pandemic, i.e., with books! Stamp features the 600th anniversary of the Porto Santo, an island in the Madeira archipelago. ❤