10) RU-7930069 This nice card of wolves in the moonlight was sent by Elvira, who likes walking in the forest. Cute stamps used. ❤


ru7930069 bak

9) RU-7916342 A nice illustrated card from Anna. Nice stamps used ❤


RU7916342 BAK

8) RU-7860371 This postcard has travelled more than 60 days! I’m just happy to have received this art card of a cat floating! Exactly how I feel – now that I have submitted the final requirement for my second bachelor’s degree. 🙂 Victoria, who is a cat lover, used lovely stamps! ❤


RU7860371 bak

7) RU-7875119 And this card features the same cathedral as the one below! 😉 And what battlescars – the postcard was dented in the middle! If I’ll visit Russia, I’d definitely go St. Petersburg or Moscow. But I don’t know, everywhere else is mysterious. 😉 Svetlana, the sender, used lovely stamps! ❤

PC70 RU7875119

PC70 RU7875119 bak

6) RU-7856204 Something funny happened. Today, I got two postcards from Russia (this one and the one above). I sent the sender a Thank You message, and told him (I knew after it was a man) that I, unfortunately, did not understand what was written and what the postcard was about. And then, I looked at the next card I was to register (the one above), and voila! They’re both the same places! Both features the Cathedral of the Kazan Icon of the Mother God in St. Petersburg. 😉 Anyway, lovely stamps on this one. ❤

PC69 RU7856204

PC69 RU7856204 BAK

5) RU-7855177 This lovely postcard is entitled “Tea in the Garden” by Boris Shemetov. I like the theme of the postcard, because I’m a tea lover. My favorite is ginger lemon tea, homemade. 🙂 I drink it every morning, at work and before going to bed at night. It is a dream to visit Russia someday, hopefully soon, when the pandemic is over. Nataly used lovely stamps and shared some good facts about her hometown, Tomsk, in Siberia. They have 6 universities and 80000 students. Now, I really want to go there for a visit! ❤

PC45 RU7855177

PC45 RU7855177 BAK2

4) RU-7856203 Another lovely art card all the way from Russia! This time, it’s the local painting technique from the village of Boguchar. I feel like every village in Russia has their own technique in art. I love the sticker and the stamps that the sender, Dasha, used! ❤

PC43 RU7856203

PC43 RU7856203 BAK2

3) RU-7737098 This postcard shows Konstantin Makovsky’s painting from the early 1900s. Entitled Yule Divination, it is of Romatic style of art. The painting is displayed at the State Museum of the History of Religion in St. Petersburg. Alena, the sender, wrote about their Christmas tradition (Orthodox Christian), which is held on January 7, instead of December 25. Lovely stamps used! ❤

PC 21 RU7737098

PC 21 RU7737098 bak2

2) RU-7739196 I like this postcard very much. It features the Khokhloma painting technique, which uses mostly flower, berries and leaf patterns. Julia wrote that it started in the 17th century, in the old Russian village of Khokhloma. It actually reminds me of a traditional Norwegian painting technique called rosemåling, which used flower patterns. 🙂 Stamps used show the old and historic town of Veliky Novgorod and a Russian seal. ❤

PC 19 RU7739196

PC 19 RU7739196 bak2

1.) RU-7737097 This art card shows the Red Square in Russia, XX century. Russia is definitely in our travel bucketlist! Would love to take see its historical and natural attractions and the colorful churches. By the way, this is Olga’s first sent postcard! I hope she had a nice welcome to Postcrossing. 😉 Stamp used (I think) features a Russian seal. ❤

PC 18 RU7737097

PC 18 RU7737097 bak2