2) CH-488452 This card made my day – and it’s my birthday! ❤ It’s a lali riddle card, sent by Simone from Switzerland. I am so taking my hubby to Sveits when the pandemic is over! The riddle on the card wants us to find the Super-Baby! I found it! Clue: Superbaby is flying on its own! Or with a balloon. 😉 Simone also shared the best lifehack she has learnt – yoga! I tried it.. but it doesn’t work for me. So, I respect people who find their zen by doing yoga or meditation. 🙂 Nice stamp from 1986 used! ❤

PC64 CH488452

1) CH-483418 This postcard shows an aerial view of the historical town of Aarburg, which according to Wikipedia, lies in the intersection of the most important traffic routes of Switzerland. I have been to Geneva in 2014, and hubby and I passed through Switzerland and had lunch in Basel when we did Interrailing in 2018. I love Switzerland and its many blue green lagoons! Interestingly, the sender Claudia wrote that there’s not much milk and honey where she lives. I find it amusing, because when people have been living in a certain place, the place somehow loses ‘touch’. But through the eyes of a traveler, for example, the place is majestic! 😉 I know, ‘coz I sometimes forget to appreciate how beautiful Drammen is.. sometimes! Cute stamp used, thanks to Claudia! ❤