4) TW-2918662 2020 is Year of the Rat! I came from the Philippines, so I am very familiar with the Chinese astrology, although I’m not so sure if I should believe it. It says that me and my husband are very compatible in business and career, so maybe I should trust it? But I believe so much more in effort and compromise in establishing career paths and relationships, so.. Jennifer used really nice stamps, including that of the Year of the Rat. ❤

PC 22 TW2918662

PC 22 TW2918662 bak2

3) TW -2918631 This card has traveled long distance, and sadly, the sides and corners were dented. But I still love it! Jessica visited the Alishan National Scenic Area, and bought this card showing the Train Station in the area. Reminds me of our big interrail adventure last summer. 🙂 Stamp used feature a big watermelon! Can’t wait for summer..

PC 14 TW2918631

PC 14 TW2918631 bak 2

2) TW – 2918316 This postcard shows a filtered photo taken in the Taroko National Park, one of Taiwan’s 9 national parks. It was named after the Taroko Gorge carved by the Liwu River. Blessing, who’s planning to study “museum science”, used three lovely stamps of children art and a lion. ❤

PC 10 TW2918316

PC 10 TW2918316 bak2

1) TW – 2918123 This postcard is refreshing! A watercolor artwork of the Crystal Chapel in Tainan, Taiwan. It was opened in 2014. Chiu-Hui used lovely stamps showing traditional cuisine. 😛

PC 9 TW2918123

PC 9 TW2918123 bak2