11) US-6761888 This nice postcard showing the Basilica of Saint Mary in front of the Wells Fargo Center, the IDS Tower and the Capella Tower, was sent by Edwin. He wrote interesting facts about Minneapolis, like how it was a center of immigration for Scandinavians in the 19th century. Lovely stamps used! ❤


us6761888 bak

10) US-6716236 A lovely map card showing the 469-mile Blue Ridge Parkway, the highest and longest continuous route in the Appalachian region. It connects two national parks – the Shenandoah and the Great Smoky Mountains. Furthermore, visitors can enjoy undisturbed leisure travel in the parkway, away from commercial traffic and with limited access from adjoining properties. Ctutera, the sender, used a nice circle stamp! ❤


US6716236 bak

9) US-6716234 This little (and old) postcard shows the 300 000 USD monument “This is the place”, which commemorates the arrival of Mormon pioneers into the Great Salt Lake Valley on July 24, 1847. Misty used a nice circle stamp. ❤


US6716234 BAK

8) US-6714784 An art card featuring a sketch by Walt Taylor entitled “French Bakery, Norfolk, Virginia”, taken from the book The Art of Urban Sketching. Melanie used a nice stamp. ❤


US6714784 BAK

7) US-6714209 This postcard of Cook Forest in Pennsylvania was from Cindy, who’s married to fellow Filipino! Cook Forest is an 8 500-acre state park. Known as the “Black Forest” of Pennsylvania, it is home to old growth trees and lies by the 13-mile Clarion River. Lovely stamp used! ❤


USA6714209 bak2

6) US-6588837 This postcard from Katie shows the lovely shores of Michigan! It actually has several nicknames, like the Great Lake State”, “The Wolverine State”, “The Mitten State” and “Water (Winter) Wonderland”. Katie wrote that they only get 2-3 months of beach weather. It’s pretty much the same in Norway, but we love to travel south in winter to get some sunshine (and the beach). Lovely round stamp used. ❤

PC48 US6588837

PC48 US6588837 BAK

5) US-6582542 Such a nice card featuring the Devils Tower National Monument in Wyoming! It says on the back that this igneous rock towering at a height of 867 ft from summit to base is illuminated by fireworks every July 4th. It would be nice to see these landscapes after the pandemic is over. Charlene used lovely stamps: one of John Lennon, and one war- and one fruit-themed. ❤

PC44 US6582542

PC44 US6582542 BAK2

4) US-6469951 This postcard shows human pictographs from Canyon de Chelly National Monument in Arizona. Description says that they’re done with natural ochers found in water seeps. Celestyn, who moved from Poland to the US, wrote that the American West is the place to be for nature lovers. She used beautiful stamps of apples (2016), a silver teapot (2017), a red bird (2018) and a Halloween stamp (2019). ❤

PC 12 US6469951

PC 12 US6469951 bak 2

3) US – 6469950 The Grand Canyon National Park is in my bucketlist, when we visit the US in the future. The postcard shows sunrise viewed from the South Rim near Yavapi Point. It looks magical! Electra used a stamp released in 2016. ❤

PC 8 US6469950

PC 8 US6469950 bak2

2) US – 6469961 This postcard shows signs found at Seattle’s Pike Place Market. Coffee comes to mind, when I hear Seattle (Seattle’s Best — hint! hint!). Bryon wrote that Seattle is actually “the land of coffee addiction”. Sweden and Norway are also heavy coffee drinkers, especially black coffee. I also enjoy visiting cafes with girl friends. 😉 Stamps feature art works of American painter, sculptor and print-maker Ellsworth Kelly. ❤

PC 7 US6469961

PC 7 US6469961 bak2

  1. US – 6466407 I’m spoiled, getting two cards from New Mexico! Sam sent a meet-up card from the 2nd Postcrossing meet-up in Ateneo Espanol last year (January 2019), and a card showing the Organ Mountains in New Mexico, a 32 million-year-old range famous for its needle-like spires. Stamps show some American coins, a “Celebrate” stamp released in 2015, and a cool Total Solar Eclipse stamp! ❤

PC 5 US6466407 card 2

PC 5 US6466407

PC 5 US6466407 bak2