Postcard pal Marlena

4) A postcard sent from Croatia ❤ It features Makarska, a town on the Dalmatian coast famous for its beaches, promenade and nightlife. The 1,762 meter high Mount Biokovo, the second highest in the country, also lies just behind Makarska. Stamp used features a spotted sea slug (?)/pjegavi straznjoskržnjak. 🙂 4th postcard I sent was of St Hallvard’s well. 5th postcard on the way..

marlena 4 front

marlena 4

3) This postcard features Masuria, a region in northeastern Poland. Marlena wrote that the place is famous for its 2,000 lakes, and has been dubbed as a “land of a thousand lakes”. Now I’m curious. Poland has around 10 000 lakes in total. Finland, which shares the same nickname of “a land with a thousand lakes”, has 188 000. And Norway has at least 450 000 freshwater lakes. XD Adorable owl stamps used! ❤ 3rd postcard I sent was of Vøringsfossen. 4th postcard on the way…


marlena 3

2) Marlena sent this nice postcard of Sandomierz, a popular tourist city in Poland due to its well-preserved Old Town teeming with culture and history. For instance, it used to be one of the most important urban centers in the country and was a royal city of the Polish Crown. In 2017, it was declared a National Monument of Poland. (Source: wikipedia). Lovely illustrated map stamp used, showing the location of some Polish cities like Gdansk, Torunn, Warsaw, Sandomierz and Krakow. ❤ Second postcard I sent was of the little village of Flo. 🙂 Third postcard on the way…

marlena 2

marlena 2 bak

1) Marlena is a new postcard pal. 🙂 To begin with, she sent this postcard of Łódź, a former textile manufacturing hub situated in central Poland. According to Marlena, a popular spot in the city is the Freedom Square (shown on the card), with the statue of Tadeusz Kościuszko (1746-1817), a well-celebrated Polish soldier and revolutionary. Stamps used feature the national outfit in Krakow, and cornflower. ❤ First postcard I sent her was of the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Rorøs. 🙂


marlena 1