Postcard pal Waltraud

4) From the meetup in Birkach, Stuttgart on June 20, 2020. ❤

waltraud 4

waltraud 4 bak

3) From the meetup in Berlin on June 06, 2020. Super cool! Perhaps I should consider attending meetups too, when I have free time. Lovely stamps used! ❤

waltraud 3

waltraud 3 bak

2) Waltraud sent me this nice Meet-up card from the online meeting in Germany on April 2020. How creative! Although I wonder how they did that? Send the card to each other to stamp on? Or send the stamps to each other? 😉 But I love it! Postcrossing has been helping many souls to make the pandemic lighter to bear! Lovely stamps used ❤


waltraud 2 bak

1) I sent Waltraud an official postcrossing card (NO-192313) on December 30, 2019, which she registered on January 7, 2020. Before Easter, she surprised me with this lovely bunny rabbit card! So I decided to contact her and ask if she wants to be postcard pals. Luckily, she said yes. 🙂 The Easter postcard comes with a poem: The Easter Bunnys feet go hop hop hop, while his big pin ears go flop flop flop. He is rushing on his way to bring our eggs on Easter day with a hop flop hop flop hop!  😉 It made my day ❤