Sykepleierutdanning i Norge (Nursing education in Norway)

Three years went by so fast! I am now done with Bachelor i sykepleie (Bachelor in Nursing). Yesterday, I got my authorization from Helsedirektoratet and my grade for the bacheloroppgave. 😉 We had the option to write with someone, or to write on our own. I was hesitant if I could do it on my own in the beginning because it has to be in Norwegian. But my darling husband encouraged me and believed in me. So.. voila!  In God’s grace, I got an A! 🙂

Sykepleie is not my first bachelor degree though. I was a licensed teacher in the Philippines. I graduated from the University of the Philippines – Diliman in 2011, cum laude. 😉 After teaching in an all-girls’ school for a year, I decided to travel and move to Denmark, and then, to Norway. It was a rather challenging journey, which I am not going to dive deeper into in this entry since this is going to be about taking a bachelor degree in Norway with Norwegian as medium of instruction (MOI).

On this page, I am going to share how it’s like to study nursing in Norway, particularly in the University of Southeastern Norway (Universitetet i Sørøst Norge), the challenges I had to face being a student with norwegian as a second (or third, since I speak English and Tagalog) language, the ups and downs of working with classmates from different cultural and linguistic backgrounds, how cheap or expensive it is, etc.

  1. ) How to apply 
  2. How to finance
  3. My alma mater in Norway – USN Campus Drammen 
  4. Studieplanen (Curriculum)
  5. Emneplanene (Course syllabi) + My experiences with each of them
    1. Vit110 (autumn 2017)
    2. Nat110 (autumn 2017)
    3. Vit210 (autumn 2017 to spring 2018)
    4. Nat210 (spring 2018)
    5. Sam10 (spring 2018)
    6. PGS10 (spring 2018)
    7. AKL120 (autumn 2018 to spring 2019)
    8. PKP20 (autumn 2018)
    9. PMP20 (spring 2019)
    10. HFA20 (spring 2019)
    11. AKL230 (autumn 2019 to spring 2020)
    12. PPH30 (autumn 2019)
    13. PHT (autumn 2019)
    14. PLVI30 (spring 2020)
    15. PBAO30 (spring 2020)
  6. How to succeed! + Minor setbacks
  7. Social and academic networks