How to apply for a bachelor’s degree in Norway with norsk as medium of instruction (for international students)

The application to a Norwegian university or college is centralized. It is important to remember the dates! But normally, application starts in February. If you apply for an early admission, you’ll get the results by end of May. Otherwise, you’ll get the final results in July. So, how do you go about it?

You make an account at Samordna Opptak, and choose up to 10 courses from whichever school you prefer. Then, you get to rank them (first priority, second priority, etc). If you get accepted on your first priority, the rest of your applications will be cancelled. Each course of study has a score/points requirement, in addition to some special requirements. In order to get to Sykepleie at USN in 2017, a minimum score of 40 is needed for first time applicants and 48.3 for ordinary applicants. Here’s how my points was calculated by Samordna opptak, according to an email I just got today:

poengsum 2017

But then, I saw an old post on Facebook where I mentioned that I got 59.5 points, and I am sure that was correct. So Samordna Opprak might have overlooked the 10 points. But I do not want to email them again just to ask what the 10 points was for (age? background?).

Required poengssum (points) changes from time to time. You’ll find the required points on the course description when you apply on Samordna Opptak.

As an applicant with education from abroad, I needed to check the GSU list to see what was required of me. In 2017, it was required to have a High School Diploma + 2 years of university education from the Philippines, but since 2018, it was changed to High School Diploma + 1 year of university education, following the K-12 reform.

When I applied for the degree in 2017, the requirements were as follows:


It is important to follow Samordna Opptak’s instruction on submitting documents and how to name them.

My timeline, in relation to the norwegian language requirement and taking the bachelor degree:

timeline 2

Some people ask how I managed to fulfill the Norwegian language requirement in such a short period of time. Here’s how:

And with regards to IELTS, here’s how to take it with poise:

How to apply for NOKUT’s recognition of higher education:

On the addmission letter is the deadline on accepting the offer. Don’t forget to answer Yes or No! 😉

Here’s how the early admission letter looks like:

admission 2

And the hovedopptak, or final admission letter:


August 1 is usually the start of registration. I’ll write more about it,  how much semestral fees I had to pay, what helped me finance my education, etc., on the next link! ❤