Oslofjord: A glimpse of Hovedøya

Hello, ladies and gentlemen! It’s time for another travel entry inspired by Norway’s beautiful scenery. ☾ ☽ ☼ ☀ ☁ ☂❉❉✿ I can’t quite remember where I got this “Turguide til Øyene” (Tour guide to the islands) booklet. Perhaps in one of the Tourism kiosks or at the airport? Anyway, this wonderful booklet (in Norwegian) contains descriptions … More Oslofjord: A glimpse of Hovedøya

When your afternoon walk leads you to a ‘kirkegård’

It was a fine Saturday, the first day of August 2015. Left alone in the house, I decided to take a long walk and try the fitness app called Endomondo. I’m not really into fitness, bleh, but if there are things that will make one of my favorite past times (walking) more interesting, I don’t … More When your afternoon walk leads you to a ‘kirkegård’