Why travel?

It’s finally spring time! It’s time to do some serious (haha, how does one appear serious?) blogging. With an Alicia Keys’ playlist in the air and a warm cup of lavender tea, I am all set for a whole new blogging experience. Oh wait, the rain outside is distracting.. *deep breath*

Okay! So, what to blog about? I have been inspired by many travelogues and travel blogs in the net, and so I thought, why not start one of my own? I am 24 (at the moment ;)) and I have visited quite a handful of beautiful and not-so-appealing places. I have traveled solo, with a friend or a family, and with a huge company. It’s about time I write about my trips. No one can deny the cathartic effect writing has in my soul, so this is a wonderful, wonderful project!

The question that’s boggling my mind right now is: Why travel? Of course, there are the usual answers: to widen one’s horizon by seeing and experiencing a whole new different culture, to practice the love for photography, to relax, or simply to spend that hard-earned money (if you have much excess, eh?). For me, I travel and wander and get lost, but I still cannot simply comprehend to what purpose am I doing this? Then, that world map comes to mind.

I remember way back in college, we had a discussion as to why people collect things or experiences. It seems like man has an innate need and want to collect, to possess, to own. And so, to be honest, aside from all the pictures and the moments and the people I encounter during my travels, one of my many travel purposes is to satisfy that inner want to step on the soil of all the countries we have on Earth, to shade away that country one at a time, to strike-through that country list. Of course, I am not a mega-rich person and I cannot afford to travel all the time, but I am an ambitious woman (YEP! I’m claiming it and I am humbly proud!). It takes effort and patience and resourcefulness. 😉

So, what about you? Why do you travel?

Here are some articles online about the many wonderful reasons why one should travel:



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