I want ‘Nuvali, Nuvali’ but YOU!

A nice lake in the city of Sta. Rosa in Laguna Province is becoming quite a popular spot for local and foreign tourists. This multi-functional lake is actually a 4.5-hectare reservoir which is part of Nuvali’s water conservation, recycling and sustainability effort.

laguna In summer of 2012, my family and I dropped by the lake on our way to Tagaytay Highlands. Indeed, Nuvali lake is a refreshing spot in the city, not to mention that it is located beside the main highway. It’s perfect when you feel like taking a break from a long drive.

Nuvali is a growing commercial district. There is a residential area, schools and churches, outsourcing companies, and other business establishments. The lake is surrounded by trees and plants, and there are cafes and restaurants if you feel hungry. Of course, a picnic sounds like a good idea, nevertheless, so whichever you prefer to make that moment with a friend, friends, or loved ones wonderful is perfectly fine!





Here you will find plenty of beautiful “koi”, an specie of fish kept for decorative purposes in lakes, ponds, or water gardens. Visitors can avail some fish feed from the Solenad and the Evoliving Center and give the fish something to eat. I assure you, it’s a pleasant sight to see these bright, colorful creatures compete for food! It is a fun time to spend with children, specially. 😀

Fishy fish fish!
Fishy fish fish!
Oooh.. a fountain!
Oooh.. a fountain!

Aside from fish-feeding, you can also try the water-taxi. Boating is absolutely fun for the family!

blog 3 - Copy


A little info about Nuvali: it used to be a sugar plantation until it was bought by Jose Yulo in the 1940s. Later on, the Yulos and the Ayaland combined to transform the area into what it is now. And I am really happy and satisfied with what they did. It’s like a taste of the countryside in the city! Plus, I’ve heard that they are continuously improving the place with more recreational spaces like the Republ1c Wakepark. 😉

So, here’s my family with our wonderful and happy faces!

blog 4

BLOG 1 - Copy

That’s it for now! I gotta start packing for my next trip. Thanks for reading and see you! 😉


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