Splashing around Batis ng Makiling Spring Resort in Laguna!

I’m a proud Lagunense! 😀 Well, I was born in Manila, spent my first five years in Quezon Province, and then my family moved to Laguna. I went back to Manila to study when I was 16 and decided to stay there until I left PH at 22. The story of my life. haha

Laguna is the Resort Capital of the Philippines. It lies around the largest lake in PH, the Laguna Lake (Laguna de Bay). It is also the birthplace of Jose Rizal, our national hero, and is famous for the many hot springs, waterfalls and lakes, the Mount Makiling, traces of history (churches, cemeteries and the like), delicacies and other products (esp. handicrafts), and festivals!

For this entry, I will share the fun family bonding activity we had in summer of 2012 at Batis ng Makiling Resort. Resorts are competing in Laguna, especially during the summer months, And thus, many are offering cheap admission yet with quality service. You can rent a full resort for 12 hours for as low as Php5000!


But, if on a hot summer day, you just decided to freshen yourself up, dip in a pool with a picturesque background, then, you may opt to pick a public resort. Entrance fee can be as low as Php50 per person, and there are additional fees for extra services/facilities like lifesavers, huts, etc. We found this nice resort in Calamba City offering not just ordinary pools but a hot spring area where the water comes from Mt. Makiling. Yay! Free publicity for Batis ng Makiling Spring Resort, 😛 

The entrance
The entrance

I’m sure there are other good resorts in Laguna! It just happened that the resort had fewer people, more space at that time so we went for it! 🙂 Batis ng Makiling lies in a very cozy location, far from the main road and with mountains visible in the background.

My sister
My sister

They offer massage and spas, and the resort is also as a hosting venue.

Massage, anyone?
Massage, anyone?


Hot spring
Hot spring

Additional information about the resort can be found here:


Please note, I am not in any way affiliated with the resort. I am but a humble person trying to share the beauty of our experience in the said place. It was a fantastic resort, and so are the many others that I and my family are yet to try!

So yeah, I’m promoting my hometown. 😉 How do you cope with the heat of summer?


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