Asia’s Got Talent (AGT) Grand Finals


I thought it’s going to be Gerphil-Geraldine Flores vs El Gamma Penumbra in the end. (Well, I really don’t know how many public voters there are are in Mongolia…) I had to choose between my classmate in German 10 in college and another special talent, which was tough. I voted for El Gamma Penumbra, but I seriously love them both!

Here are the winners and ranking of the first Asia’s Got Talent Grand Finals held in Singapore:


  1. El Gamma Penumbra – Philippines
  2. Khusugtun – Mongolia
  3. Gerphil-Geraldine Flores – Philippines
  4. The Talento – Thailand

Middle 2:

  1. Junior New System – Philippines
  2. Triqstar – Japan

Bottom 3:

  1. Gao Lin and Liu Xin – China
  2. Gwyneth Dorado – Philippines
  3. Dance Thrilogy – Singapore (Australia)

Hurrah for the Philippines!!


It’s 1:53 AM and I cannot sleep. It’s one of those nights when my mind just can’t shut itself down. I have been sleeping really lightly these past nights and I don’t like it. It means that my brain hasn’t fully recharged itself. I hope I’ll find a way to catch a good, deep sleep – that kind of sleep where I don’t remember thinking all throughout the night. I listened to sleep meditation songs and watched sleep guides, and also tried apps like the Sleep Bug. They’re useful at some point, but there are times when they are useless. Like tonight.

On the bright side, I get to add some content on this blog. 🙂 So, what’s boiling? Well, I had a pleasant birthday last Thursday. I’m 25 now. Shocks. Part of my New Year’s resolution is to hold a little feast on my birthdays. prepare the food, and invite friends. I managed to do that and I’m quite satisfied. 🙂 I often get some holiday depression syndrome on my birthdays and on other occasions, so it is really a challenge to invite friends, prepare everything, and keep a light and happy mood. Normally, I would just wish I’d disappear on a road trip and live in a fantasy for the meantime than deal with people on my own birthday. >.<

Anyway, here’s the nice cake I made for the occasion:

Mae @ 25
Mae @ 25

I feel really old, and yet, haven’t accomplished that much in life. I am trying to just let things happen and to stop worrying, but I couldn’t. Perhaps this is the quarter-life crisis they’re talking about. I feel lost, gosh, and not really sure what I want and what I should prioritize. haha

Before I break down, let’s change the topic. XD

I really like the concept of Asia’s Got Talent! It’s like the Asian version of Eurovision, but features not only singing but many other talents. The first time I watched it, I was laughing at the strangeness of the show, and the difficulty of judging the contestants. Asia is a gigantic continent with many different cultures and traditions, and one particular talent for a country may be just an ordinary stunt to another.

The first Grand Finals was held on my birthday last Thursday. And I’m proud to say that the Philippines is dominating the show, with 4 of the 9 grand finalists coming from PH. The rest are from Thailand, China, Singapore, Mongolia, and Japan. All the contestants were magnificent in their performances, but I’ve got favorites.

I didn’t particularly find the rockband, Talento, and the tap dancers, Dance Thrilogy, outstanding. Perhaps it’s because they’re still little children, but they stopped being adorable after the first couple of performances. I’m sorry. The dance duo, Gao Lin and Liu Xin, are awesome and intriguing. Imagine a wedding proposal on the night of their performance? That was quite a romantic strategy. The dance groups, Triqstar and Junior New System, are really fantastic! I’m not a fan of the singer, Gwyneth Dorado, nope, not until the finals when she sang “Titanium”. I think she has a powerful voice for her age. I have always been a fan of the shadow play group, El Gamma Penumbra, and my classmate in college, the opera singer, Gerphil. Well, she’s not officially a classmate, because I only sat in the German 10 class she was enrolled in. Thanks to the wonderful prof who let me join her class during my senior year. 🙂 I seriously think one of the two will win AGT’s first season.

I’m rooting for PH’s bet..s.

AGT’s Grand Finals Playlist

I’m excited to watch the results night. 😉 And I’m finally sleepy now. So going back to bed..


2 thoughts on “Asia’s Got Talent (AGT) Grand Finals

    1. I don’t know yet.. It’s a talent show & a popularity contest at the same time. So there’ll be a few days of voting after the finals, and then the result night, which, I believe, will be held this coming week. 😀


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