The National Museum in Manila

Woot! It’s 9:00 in the evening and it’s still bright outside. Hello, summer? 😀 It’s another blogging day (night?), and my post would be about my short trip to the National Museum in Manila with my college friends. The National Museum “is an educational, scientific and cultural institution that acquires, documents, preserves, exhibits, and fosters scholarly study and public appreciation of works of art, specimens, and cultural and historical artifacts representative of our unique to the cultural heritage of the Filipino people and the natural history of the Philippines.”

The National Museum
The National Museum

So it’s actually a holistic museum, as it shows not only artistic masterpieces but also collections in the areas of botany, zoology, geology and paleontology. It also “carries out permanent research programs in biodiversity, geological history, human origins, pre-historical and historical archaeology, maritime and underwater cultural heritage, ethnology, art history, and moveable and immoveable cultural properties.”


Located along Padre Burgos Drive in Manila, the National Museum is open for free on Sundays. During weekdays, entrance fees are as follows: Students- Php50, Adults – Php150, and Senior Citizens – Php120. There’s a special discount for groups of 51 or more. For more information (exhibitions, collections, etc.), feel free to visit the website: National Museum in Manila.

Cameras are allowed in the museum, provided that there’s no flash. So here are some photos to entice you to go and visit the National Museum and learn more about the Philippines.

Slide2 - Copy
Academic and Neoclassical Sculpture


Classical Art from the 20th century

One interesting piece of art you will find in the museum is Juan Luna’s Spolarium. It is the biggest painting in the country, and Luna’s entry to the prestigious Exposicion de Bellas Artes (Madrid Art Exposition, May 1884) where it won the First Gold Medal.

The Spolarium
The Spolarium

So there. A must-visit for art and history-lovers. 😉


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