A feel of Antarctica @ Manila Ocean Park

So here’s part 2 of our little trip to the biggest marine park in the Philippines! If you missed Part 1: Manila Ocean Park, Manila, PHILIPPINES (Part 1)

I think it is every Filipino child’s dream to experience snow! Sadly, not all Filipino’s are fortunate enough to see snow in actuality in the entire course of their lifetime. Thanks to Manila Ocean Park’s Trails to Antarctica, it is now possible to enjoy a Penguin park with an awesome Slide o’ Fun and Snow Village! Don’t get too excited though, the section isn’t that big and needs a lot of improvement. But it’s a nice way to get a glimpse of how it is in the region of ice. 😉

The view going to this park’s section is awesome! There’s Manila Bay with ships and boats going to and fro the horizon.


Love taking photos? Along the entrance path are some snowy scenes where you can pretend to be in Antactica.


Oh yeah! We're on an expedition to Antarctica
Oh yeah! We’re on an expedition to Antarctica

There’s a long queue at the Slide o’ Fun section but it’s worth the wait! My sister and I tried it and it was fun!! They should make the slide longer though. haha It’s also enjoyable to watch the little penguins swim and play and get fed by some visitors. I remember Den Blå Planet having the same Penguin section, but not as big as this one in Manila Ocean Park.

And then there’s the Snow Village. Actually, it should be renamed to Snow Room. XD With a freezing temperature of 5 degrees, you’re sure to get numb fingers and a little bit of rosy cheeks.

Snow Village and Slide o’ Fun

It was a fun bonding moment for my sisters and I, and if you get the chance to stay until 6pm, don’t miss the awesome Musical Fountain Show. 😀


Once again, the park’s website: Manila Ocean Park

Happy long weekend! haha ❤


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