Catching the midnight sun in Norway

Now it’s time to add another country to the list of categories I have here. 🙂 The good thing about Europe is that despite the boundaries set by the member countries of the EU, it is pretty easy to travel and country-hop as long as you have a residence card or the Schengen Visa. I always say that country-hopping in the EU is like island-hopping in the Philippines, in terms of budget and duration of travel. (Thanks to the abundant waters dividing the PH islands.)

Now, I told myself since the first day I arrived in EU that I will not let any chance to  travel slip away! So when my friend Leny asked me to go with her to the Land of Mountains, Fjords, and the Midnight Sun, I didn’t think twice! So here’s the first part of my escapade in beautiful Norway.

It takes 8 hours to travel from Copenhagen to Norway by bus. Well, we had some budget constraints at that time, so we opted to take the bus. Besides, I thought it would be nicer to see the scenery up close than from on top. And I wasn’t disappointed. Norway has plenty of giant Christmas trees and beautiful forests!!

Our first stop was a nice little cabin by the lake owned by Leny’s friend. We stayed there for a couple of days, and I appreciated the fact that Norwegians are mountain-lovers. They would rather spend time somewhere close to nature than stay in Oslo, the capital, and swim around with immigrants and tourists.

Lake Hemnessjøen

The cabin, along with other summer houses and cabins, is located by the Lake Hemnessjøen. I was so lucky to stay in a room with this view outside:


During the day, we went fishing and picnicking and chilling, just having fun. We totally forgot about work and all the things that had stressed us out prior to the holidays. This is why I simply enjoy nature and prefer staying in it than the bustling streets of the city. I like the city too, and there’s a great deal to learn when you explore it, but nature is simply something a human being needs every once in a while.

Fishing fun!
Fishing fun!
Look! I caught something!! Oops..
Look! I caught something!! Oops..


A great bonding opportunity
A great bonding opportunity
Selfie time!
Selfie time!

During the night, we lit a bonfire and “socialized” the Norwegian way. It was fascinating how Norwegians never get drunk!!! 😛 I didn’t really like drinking and it as a form of socializing. I even got into a confrontation with one the girls. I just had a hard time staying awake and the kind of socializing they were doing was pretty new to me.. So.. 😛

The best part of staying by the lake is watching the sun go down at midnight! How cool is that??

Sunset in Norway in summer
Sunset in Norway in summer
Catching the midnight sun
Catching the midnight sun
Midnight sun
Around 1 AM

In the morning, we had a special breakfast of bacon, eggs and toasted bread with orange juice. We definitely enjoyed our meal which took place just outside the cabin, surrounded by the beautiful lake and the islets in it.

Nature is <3
Nature is ❤
This looks like a miniature version of the Philippine archipelago :D
This looks like a miniature version of the Philippine archipelago 😀
Good morning, Coca-cola! Darn.
Good morning, Coca-cola! Darn.

Norway is a special place, one of the most beautiful I have been to so far! It won’t be easy to forget the scenery, and the relaxing mode it had offered us. Well, we’ll see about Oslo City next entry! 😉 For now, I gotta go get some sleep. Heh! Thanks for reading!

My brown eyes elsker Norge! <3
My brown eyes elsker Norge! ❤


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