A tour to the “roof of Drammen” on Valentine’s Day

Just when I thought it couldn’t get more romantic, Carl and I decided to take the zigzag path towards Spiraltoppen, dubbed as “the roof of Drammen”. We took a Friday cruise a couple of days before, and we were supposed to just be relaxing on the couch on Valentine’s, but the weather seemed permitting to enjoy a “spasertur” outside. 😉

On our way, we stopped by the tunnel and fed dozens of birds and a few swans. There’s not much you can do outside on a winter day, but you can never go wrong with bird-feeding.



Spiralen is an underground tunnel consisting of “six spirals over 1650 meters inside the mountain.”  It was completed in 1961, and after paying a toll fee allows vehicles to pass through from each direction. What locals and foreign visitors aim for, however, is the top of the mountain — the Spiraltoppen.

Spiral Tunnel
Spiral Tunnel
Spiral Tunnel
Spiral Tunnel

Spiraltoppen is about 3-4 kilometers away from the Drammen train station, i.e., if you take the zigzag trail going up. It wan’t very far, and the walk was really fun and enjoyable, not to mention the occasional slip of the foot because of the icy ground.

The zigzag trail
The zigzag trail

What I really loved about the “spasertur” was the amazing scenery of the Drammenselva, one of the largest rivers in Norway, the city and the surrounding towns. There are several benches along the way, so you don’t have to worry if you feel like pausing for a while to smell the nature or gaze at the surrounding.




The perfect spot to destress ;)
The perfect spot to destress 😉

Spiralen Cafe and Restaurant, located on top, serves coffee and meals and a panoramic view of Drammen.

Spiralen Cafe and Restaurant
Spiralen Cafe and Restaurant
Spiralen Cafe and Restaurant
Spiralen Cafe and Restaurant


An old canon at Spiraltoppen
An old canon at Spiraltoppen

It was a really romantic walk. Wouldn’t spend Hearts’ day in any other way. 😉 Read more about the destination here: http://www.visitnorway.com/listings/spiralen-in-drammen/5346/


26 thoughts on “A tour to the “roof of Drammen” on Valentine’s Day

  1. It is really very nice to walk in this kind of fresh air and fresh weather. It really looks pleasant and delightful, especially with the one you love with you. – Fred


  2. The place looks like a good place for walking. The birds and the snow covered ground add to the romantic atmosphere of the place. Love it!


  3. The views are lovely and the location of the restaurant is so wonderful. I love the rustic and homey interior look. -Claire Algarme


  4. Aren’t you glad you decided to take a walk and just enjoy nature? Gosh, it’s so beautiful where you are! I could definitely see why it’s romantic! It’s good to know that you had a pretty relaxing and quiet Valentine’s Day! Away from the flock of couples trying to celebrate it, lol.

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