SPAIN: A walking tour along Mijas Costa beaches – From Calahonda to Playa la Cala de Mijas

There are so many interesting towns to visit in Costa del Sol’s region in Southern Spain. The day after we enjoyed the beaches and the old town center of Marbella, I decided to go on a walking tour, following the newly built boardwalk along the Mijas Costa beaches. It’s around 6 kilometers one way. I also walked going back, so it ended up to be a strenuous activity on the fifth day in Spain! 😀 Nevertheless, I enjoyed the walk, taking several photos of the seaside resorts, and learning more about the place. I also had the chance to enter the Torre de la Cala, one of the many watchtowers along the coastal region.

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Mijas Costa offers not just fine sand beaches, but also rough and rocky coasts where people could catch clams! Read more about the different beaches Mijas has to offer here. Had I continue walking, I would reach the bigger city of Fuengirola. Mijas lies between the bigger cities of Fuengirola to the east and Marbella to the west. But I was feeling tired and was talking with the bf on the phone, so I decided to stop at Cala de Mijas and explore the little town instead.

Cala de Mijas used to be a small fishing village. In the 1960s, the Spanish tourism industry started to bloom, and Mijas was one of those who were positively affected. Because of its location, the coastal town was a place of defence, lined with watchtowers. The Torre de la Cala houses a small exhibition of the history and function of the towers, including the Torre de Calahonda, New Tower of La Cala del Moral, Battery Torre La Cala del Moral, and the Calaburras Tower. The ancient watchtowers are dated from the 16th to the 19th century. If I remember correctly, I paid 1 euro for the entrance, and that 1 euro would be donated to a charitable institution. You can also book tours at the reception in Torre de la Cala.

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I would not have managed to walk back to Calahonda had I not have a satisfying lunch in a Chinese restaurant in Mijas. I love good food when traveling, but seriously, it’s horrible to order food when you’re terribly hungry! 😀 However, food in Spain is cheap, so I guess it was  okay. For dinner, my host family took me to a nearby Thai restaurant, where I had the weirdest, spiciest chicken salat ever!

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Ah, I miss the scorching heat of the sun in Spain! Hoping to get some sunshine in the days to come. 😉 Cheers! ❤

Mijas Costa
Mijas Costa

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