TENERIFE: Exploring the stunning resort town of Los Gigantes + dolphin- and whale-watching and feeding wild birds

And here comes my second entry this year! 😉 Last month, Carl took me to a wonderful trip to the Canarian island of Tenerife, located west of Africa. The island is known for its majestic black sand beaches and rocky coasts, the third highest volcano on a volcanic ocean island in the world – Mt. Teide, the largest solar observatory in the world, the best zoo in Europe and second best in the world – Loro Parque, and vast banana plantations. We were both excited and thrilled at the same time, as it was our first major out of Norway trip together, and I would be meeting his mom and stepdad on his birthday!

We booked the trip via Apollo, and it includes the two-way flight via Novoair, bus transfers, and the 8-day stay at Globales Tamaimo Tropical hotel in Los Gigantes, located on the west coast of Tenerife. After enduring the 6-hour flight with a layover in Sweden, we finally got a taste of the tropical air circulating around the Spanish island. The resort was impressive, clean and accommodating. I would decribe it as a typical Spanish apartment meant for visiting tourists, with a nice balcony facing the swimming pool and recreational area. I didn’t like the beds very much though, as they squeaked and moved at night. Water was also not potable, and elevators had a strong smell of chlorine. We tried the buffet offered by the hotel once, and we both thought that it wasn’t a pleasant experience, so I wouldn’t reccomend it.

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On our first day on the island, we decided to explore Los Gigantes, walking along the nice boardwalk by the coast. Los Gigantes is not really a beach resort kind of place. The sand is black and the beaches narrow. The roads are also uphill, so it’s important to bring a bottle of beverage at all times, although cafes and restaurants fill the area. I was undoubtedly awed by the rough seas and the giant rock formations!

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After enjoying lunch in a cozy Spanish restaurant called Tamara, with talkative parrots in cages to entertain entering guests, we went down the port to go on a boat tour, hoping to catch a glimpse of the dolphins and whales native to the Canarian seas. The tour took two hours, and it was pretty boring in the beginning, as we sailed farther away from the port and on to the unknown, chasing the waves to where the sea creatures were hiding. We were starting to get disappointed when, on our way back, we finally saw the bottle-nose dolphins and a short-finned pilot whale! The passengers were literally cheering and taking photos and films. Sadly, one of the dolphins caught its head in a plastic trash floating in the water! One of our crew also plucked a bucket out of the water, only to find a poor fish trapped in its cracked bottom. Not a pretty sight, to be honest.

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I also managed to take a short video of the cute dolphins racing against us. 😉

We thought that the fun was over when we hastily sailed back towards the coast. But then, the captain made a turn and headed towards the giant rock formations instead! The Acantilados de Los Gigantes (“Cliffs of the Giants”) rise to a height of 500-800 meters! Interestingly, the basaltic geological feature was known as the Wall of Hell during the time of the aborigines on the islands. The crew, then, fed the wild birds nesting on the wall! It was a wonderful sight!

We really enjoyed the boat tour, for sure, thanks to the sudden turn of events, i.e., from the boring sailing at the start to the exciting show up of the dolphins and whale and the feeding of the wild birds. We got more than what we paid for!

Before going back to the hotel, we enjoyed a delicious dinner at Restaurant Paraiso del Sol. I loved that restaurant! The service was good, and the food delectable! 🙂 Now that I think about it, that day went totally great! And I’d leave the memory with that word – “great”. 😉

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This is all for now! Nothing can be more romantic than an escapade with the one you love.  Until the next entry! 😉 Cheers! #spreadlove


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