The Ultimate Pinay Guide to Getting Married in Norway (Ekteskap mellom nordisk og filippinsk statsborgere)

Getting married in Norway is a beautiful fairytale, i.e., if you know the legal process to follow! It isn’t a piece of cake, but not an avalanche to conquer neither. Given the right documents and procedure, you’d be at the start to forever with your loving partner in no time!

It’s been 4 months, 10 days since my now-Swedish husband and I got married in Norway. It was a challenging process, given that both of us are not norske statsborgere (Norwegian citizens). To give an overview of the length of the process: I applied for family reunification visa online in December, got married in January, received my visa by end of March. 😉 Processing time, of course, depends on how complete your documents are. Processing by the UDI can take 4-6 months (see behandlingstid on the website as they change it every month), and then, you have to allow for the time to secure the necessary documents also.

So, here’s your guide to getting married in the Land of the Midnight Sun! Note, however, that this guide is for Filipinas getting married with a Scandinavian (Norwegian. Swedish, Danish, Finnish and Icelandic) in Norway. If you are getting married with someone outside Scandinavia, you should follow a different procedure. Check UDI and Skatteetaten for more information.

STEP 1. First and foremost, of course, you have to have a Scandinavian fiance! My husband proposed to me in Tenerife and we took it from there. Remember that you should not be forced to marry (proforma or marriage of convenience)! This is an important thing to remember because it might affect your visa application, resulting to deportation or denial from the UDI. You also have to be at least 24 years old. Once you have that shiny, pretty ring on your finger and you and your fiance are really, really sure of tying the knot, the next step is to decide the date for the big day! Why is the date important? Well, the documents have an expiration date. For example, the marriage license is only valid for 4 months! Also, talk about where and what kind of wedding you want. Traditional church weddings require more budget and certain sacraments and seminar, while borgerlig or wedding at a Norwegian court (kommune/tingrett) is free of charge and takes only 5-10 minutes. Once you have decided the date, place and people to invite, proceed to Step 2.

STEP 2. Apply for prøvingsattest (marriage license) via Skatteetaten. The state needs to check whether both of you are eligible to get married. Secure the following documents:

  • photocopy of your valid visa card in Norway (au pair, tourist, student, etc.) Note: Anyone with a valid visa can get married in Norway.
  • photocopy of your passport
  • Egenerklæring (download form in pdf / word format here: This is also called Erklæring fra brudefolkene for prøving av ekteskapsvilkårene (roughly translated as Declaration from the couple for the marriage license). You and your fiance need to fill out separately. On the form, you will have to put the date and place of marriage, so make sure that you have already talked that out. Also, at the bottom of the form, you will be asked if you want the marriage license to be sent directly to the vigsler (them who will conduct the wedding) or no. If yes, you have to put the name and address of the vigsler.
  • Forlovererklæring (download form in pdf / word format here: You need two witnesses from each side on your wedding day. Usually, the people who fill out the forlovererklæring are the ones who come to the wedding and sign as witnesses as well, but that is not necessary. The forlovere (witnesses) attest to your relationship and your qualifications to get married. They put their names and freedom at risk if they lie. 🙂 My husband’s bestfriend and my aunt served as our forlovere.
  • Certified birth certificate and CENOMAR of both sides. Okay, this is how you secure “red-ribboned” (legalized) birth certificate and CENOMAR. Note that you can only get them from the Philippines, not from the Embassy of the Philippines in Oslo or any consulate in any European country. There are two ways you can request for them: 1.) Thru a family member or a friend in the Philippines OR 2.) Thru an agency online or offline.

You need to send the following via post/DHL/FedEx/friend to whichever you choose for them to process your request: 1. photocopy of your passport & 2. SPA (Special Power of Attorney).  You can get a SPA from the Embassy of the Philippines in Oslo or from Consulates in other European countries. On the application form, you will have to write the name and address of the person you entrust to process and pick up your documents. If you get it from Oslo, it costs 225 NOK and takes 3 days. You can have it sent to your address though for an additional fee of 180 NOK. (Check for updated pricelist) Once you receive your SPA, send it together with a photocopy of your passport to your family member/friend/agency. (DOWNLOAD APPLICATION FORM FOR SPA here:

Once your family member/friend/agency received your SPA and copy of passport, they can start securing your legalized CENOMAR and birth certificate. Both documents are acquired from the National Statistics Office, and then the Department of Foreign Affairs for the red ribbon/legalization. Once they have your needed documents, they can send them back to you via post/DHL/FedEx. Allow 2-4 weeks for the whole process. 🙂 I got mine thru an agency and after 2 weeks, I already have my legalized CENOMAR and birth certificate.

About your fiance, he also needs to secure his birth certificate and CENOMAR from the Folkeregistreret. If he’s Swedish, he can request for his personbevis from It takes 2-3 days. The personbevis contains information about his birthplace and civil status, and yes, the Swedes don’t have an elaborate birth certificate like other countries. 🙂 NOTE: Your fiance’s documents don’t need to be translated nor legalized, except for when you are to apply for Report of Marriage in the Philippines (we’ll get to that later).

Now, if you or your fiance had been married before, you also need to fill out the erklæring om skifteIf not, then, you’re good to go!

Once you are ready with all the documents listed above, put them in a secure envelope and send them to the nearest skattekontoret (Tax Office). Use the locator on this page to find the nearest skattekontor: It takes 3-4 weeks to receive your marriage license. TIP: Call skatteetaten after one week if you haven’t received the license yet. Follow up every other day after that. Why? Because I received a tip that when they find something wrong with your application, they don’t process it nor inform you, so it’s your initiative to reach out to them. 😉 Also, they usually send it to whoever is older. We applied for the marriage license on December 17 and received it by post on January 2. 🙂

Once you have received your Prøvingsattest/Melding om vigsel/Vigselsbok on the mail, congratulations, you two are eligible to get married!

STEP 3: Send the prøvingsattest (marriage license) to the vigsler (marriage conductor). This can be done by post or personally. For example, my husband and I decided to get married at Drammens Tingrett (Courthouse in Drammen). He delivered the paper personally and booked the date and time of our wedding. If you decided to marry borgerlig, just check your kommune’s webpage for more information as to how to book for the wedding and the normal procedure. You get to choose to have the ceremony in English or Norwegian. You also need to inform the vigsler if you are exchanging rings or vows during the ceremony.

STEP 4: Arrive on your wedding day! Normally, you will have to be there at least 15 minutes before the wedding. You are allowed to wear whatever you want, and invite witnesses and guests. Actually, only the witnesses are obliged to be there. 🙂 Have your reception and party and enjoy the BIG DAY! 🙂 After the ceremony, the judge will give you a midlertidig vigselsattest (temporary wedding certificate). You can use this to apply for your new visa on UDI, with the permanent wedding certificate to be sent electronically later. The vigsler will send the documents to Skatteetaten within 3 days, and after 2-3 weeks, you will receive you Marriage Certificate by post. If you don’t live with your husband yet, they will send it to whomever is older.

STEP 5: If you decide to have your name changed following your husband’s last name, you can apply for it electronically at Skatteetaten (melding om navnendring). It takes 2-3 weeks to process. Once granted, your name will be automatically changed  on the UDI database, as well as on your other government accounts. The same goes if you change your address. However, it is not automatic with your bank accounts, so you have to inform your respective bank about the changes and if possible, to send you a new ATM card with your new name.

STEP 6. Now that you are (happily) married, it’s time to process your new visa. Since you have a Scandinavian husband, you have two options: the family immigration visa or the residence card for family members of EEA/EU nationals. The difference? If you choose the first one: you get access to free Norwegian language course (550 hours) and social studies/samfunnskunnskap course (50 hours) AND you can apply for permanent visa after 3 years. BUT you have to pay an application fee of 8000 NOK and your husband should have an income of at least NOK 306 700 per year pre-tax (2017). As of 2017, the processing time is 4-6 months. If you choose the residence card: you can apply for permanent visa after 5 years, no application fee, no income requirement, and shorter processing period, BUT no free norsskurs or samfunnskunnskap kurs. Remember that you need to fulfill them as requirements for the permanent visa application. (NOTE: If you are marrying a Norwegian, you only have the first option. The income requirement remains to be NOK 306 700 per year pre-tax, but the UDI can accept special situation. Read more about them here.)

I already finished the language courses even before getting married, but still, we chose the first option. 🙂

Go to this webpage to start your application on the Application Portal of the UDI: Since you have a valid visa in Norway, I assume that you already have an account. Log in and start an application for family reunification visa. Answer the questionnaire completely, review, and then pay the application fee (if you choose the first option). Then, book an appointment with the politi (police) where you live to submit your documents. TIP: You can apply online even before the marriage and book an appointment, so as to get the nearest available date. It can take months to book an appointment sometimes, so it won’t hurt to heed my advice. You can always reschedule your meeting. 🙂 Afterwards, print the Cover Letter and the Checklist. You are now to gather all the documents needed for the visa.


  • Read the checklist carefully and mark the requirements that apply to you. You don’t have to submit everything, or to include unnecessary documents like school diplomas, etc. You only need to submit the Cover Letter, the Checklist (with marks of the documents you have), the Questionnaire, and the documents themselves.
  • Your DUF-number is found on the document you received the first time you entered Europe. It’s a 12-digit number that begins with the year you first entered the EU. For example, I moved to Europe in 2013, so my DUF-number is 2013XXXXXXXX. This will also serve as your reference number.
  • With regards to your birth certificate, you can request Skatteetaten to send back your BC after you receieve the marriage license (prøvingsattest) so you don’t have to get another one.
  • You will only need to give photocopies of the documents. You have to bring the originals for verification, but the staff will only get the photocopies and stamped them as CTC (certified true copies). Make sure your photocopies are clear.
  • As I’ve mentioned above, you can submit a photocopy of the temporary marriage certificate. When you receive the real marriage certificate (vigselsattest) by post 2-3 weeks after your wedding, scan it and send it electronically to UDI.
  • With regards to the questionnaire, you can use a separate sheet for your answers. Write legibly, or better yet, have it typewritten. Yes, it’s allowed. 🙂 If you have questions on how to answer them, I can give you tips but I can’t answer them for you. Don’t forget to sign the questionnaire after!
  • You have to submit your application to the police office where you live. If your husband lives in another kommune and your visa has been granted, you collect your visa from the politi where he lives, or where both of you plan to live together.

STEP 7. This is the booooooooring part. This is when you wait and wait and wait and wait. It’s important to stay positive and anticipate an affirmative response to your visa application, but make plan Bs as well, just in case. Every month, you will receive an update from the UDI by email. If you miss an update, feel free to contact them. Also, think long term. Avoid doing illegal things like taking black jobs. You are allowed to take classes or courses, both academic and for fun. With regards to formal schooling, it depends on the school if they’d let you study with your visa on process. If you are an au pair, as per conversation with a UDI advisor, you are allowed to finish your contract while waiting for your application.

During the waiting period, I did lots of activities for fun — blogging, cross-stitching, knitting, going to the library, walking, among others. Keep yourself busy! ❤

By the way, your current visa will be tilbakekladt, or revoked, once the UDI receive your new visa application. That means, you cannot travel outside Norway. But don’t worry, Norway has lots of beautiful spots to offer, so this is the best time to get to know Norway. 😉

I submitted the documents to the politi on January 18, the UDI received it on February 3, and on March 29, finally, I received the good news!

STEP 8. Once your visa is granted, you have to book an appointment with the politi to collect your visa and do the biometrics. You will also have to submit your old visa card. Within 10 days, you will receive your visa card by post. And then, you can travel outside Norway again. 🙂

STEP 9. Before you make your travel arrangements, make sure that your name on your visa kort and your passport are the same. Hence, you need to apply for a new passport. You can also apply for the RoM, or Report of Marriage, AT THE SAME TIME, i.e., if you want your marriage to be recognized in the Philippines as well. All the requirements are found on For the RoM, note that all the documents should be translated to English, so you have to request for the flerspråkelig (many languages) version of your marriage certificate from Skatteetaten, and your husband’s birth certificate or personbevis or Extract of the Population Register should also be in English. When you fill out the application form, make sure that names are translated to English as well, for example, use “Courthouse” instead of Tingrett, etc. Your marriage certificate should be legalized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It’s located near Nationalteatret, free of charge, and takes only around 5-10 minutes. The legalized original version will be submitted, together with two photocopies. Read more about Report of Marriage here: I got my new passport after exactly one month.

STEP 10. Apply for norskkurs and samfunnskunnskap kurs on your respective kommune’s Introduksjonssenteret or Opplæringsted. Sometimes, it can take months to get a slot, but in other cases, like mine, you’d be sitting inside a classroom after 3 days. You can also start looking for a job. 🙂 Normally, you will receive a visa valid for one year. which you will have to renew annually until you can apply for a permanent visa.

There you have it. 10 easy steps. 🙂 If you have questions or clarifications, just leave a comment and I’ll get back to you ASAP. It makes me happy to share what I know, but of course, it is still to your best interest that you contact the UDI directly, as what I did all throughout the process.

If you also have questions about applying for universities or høgskole in Norway, feel free to ask me as well. 🙂

Thanks and hope you’d find this guide helpful!! Skål!



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    1. Hi Gen, and cenomar at BC na may redribbon ay ordinary BC at Cenomar na authenticated/legalized ng DFA. So after mo makuha ang BC at Cenomar sa NSO, need mo sila dalhin sa DFA para ipaauthenticate. At literal na lalagyan nila yan ng red ribbon at cover letter.


  1. Hei 🙂
    Can i ask if how many months does the authenticated cenomar and birthcertificate from Philippines expire here in Norway?

    Thank you in advance ☺

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  2. Hi po.. may idea po ba kyo sa situation ko- nalaman ko na hndi po pala ako or ang host ko nag bbaayad ng tax ko, chineck kopo sa skatt online and ikakasal po ko. Mgkka problem ba ako? Thanks po..

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    1. Hi Toots, I’m not an expert on this one. But I think you can still get married. You only send your papers to skatt, but it’s Folkeregistreret which gives the marriage license, and they will check your singleness, etc. BUT you might have problems applying for the visa, if the government sees that you owe them money. So I would suggest that you fix your tax payments first, asap, and be honest and tell them that there was a miscommunication between you and your host, that you thought they were paying. Also, tell your husband. So he knows. 🙂 Good luck!


  3. Hei!:) may question po ko ano meaning nitong requiremnt- The applicant must first have the original document and its English translation notarized by a Notary Public. (Please note that the Philippine Embassy requires that documents not in English be translated into English at all times.)
    Afterwards, the signature of the Notary Public must then be legalized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Norway, Denmark, Finland, Sweden or Iceland, depending on the document’s origin.
    Finally, the signature of the Ministry official will be authenticated by the Philippine Embassy in Oslo.
    Need ko po ba iprint ang form ng SPA and hand it over sa officer sa embassy oslo? Sila ba mag type ng details ko? Or fill out ko form then print and pasa sa kanila? -thanks po sa sagot😊💕

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    1. Hei Sarah, thanks for dropping by. That requirement is for Reporting of Marriage sa Phil Embassy sa Oslo. You have to request a copy of your marriage certificate in English (flerspråket) from skateetaten. And then. need mo sya ipanotarize sa Ministry of Foreign Affairs sa bansa kung saan ka nakatira now (if Norway, malapit sa Nationalteateret and MFA). 🙂 The SPA is for requesting for your CENOMAR at BC sa Pinas, kung hindi ikaw mismo ang kukuha. You don’t need a SPA to report your marriage. And yes, ikaw po ang magfillout ng details mo, and you will submit everything in person sa embassy. They have a modifiable form for reporting of marriage, available sa website nila, kung tinatamad ka magsulat tulad ko 🙂 Ifillout mo lang sya, print, and sign.


      1. Kukuha kasi ako ng SPA, ang mom ko sa pinas kukuha ng cenomar etc… And may dalawang Witness signature part sa SPA yung “Signed in the presence of” – pareho ko po ba pipirmahan yun?

        Sa june ang civil namin, so tama po na hndi ko pa naman need ang RoM diba? Etter gifte ko na gagawin yun?


      2. God dag! Pag mag aapply ng family application sa UDI, nakalagay po dun “where are u applying and choose the police station u live or service center for foreign workers etc…”

        Dapat po ba ilagay ko kung san nakatira si hubby? Or Aupair po ko and sept ma expire visa ko so di pa po kami magsasama sa house ni hubby by the time na ikasal kami sa July.

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      3. Hei po! Ilang copies ba ng cenomar at BC ang need isend sa tax office? Tig-dalawang redribboned copies ng cenomar at birth cert kasi pinadala sakin ng mom ko thru DHL. Tusen takk po🙂


      4. Tag-isang copy lang beh. Tapos, once you receive the marriage license, you can ask skatteetaten to return your BC, so you can use it for the fam reunification visa. Lykke til! 🙂


      5. Hi, it is a requirement for the family reunification that you both are at least 24 years old. Exceptions apply, for example, if you have a child, if you were married outside Norway, if you have lived together for at least 2 years, or if UDI is convinced that you really love each other and are in a real relationship (not forced). They will check your background. (Read this: You two can get married, of course, legal age is 18yo, but I am not very sure about the family reunification visa afterwards. Good luck!


  4. Hi PinayOdyssey.

    How can I send you an email? I would like to send you a long email relating to this post and would love to hear your input


  5. Hi PinayOdyssey , i just really want to know if ano ba maganda and tamang gawin? Andito ako now sa Norway nag visit ako kay bf and stay fro 1 1/2 months and going back already sa pinas this feb.1. nag visitt na din si bf sa pinas twice and 3 yrs na din kami in a relationship. Ngayon kasi feeling ko pregnant na ako and nagusap kami ni bf na dito ako need manganak sa norway. plan ko bumalik july or august this year or bago ako manganak. ano ba dapat gawin or ano ba visa need ko para dito manganak sa norway?

    please i need your advice thank you so much

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  6. Hi,

    Hope you will read my message and get back to me as you can.
    I found my situation a little bit completed. I have a boyfriend in Norway, we’ve together for more than 4 years now. I’ve been in Norway already four times since 2014-2017 using a Schengen Visa which is only good for 3 months. My boyfriend is Danish but he owns a company in Norway and works there and he also established a daughter company here in the Philippines.

    The problem with our situation is that he is only living in Norway 6 months of the year and 6 months of the year here in the Philippines. We are planning to get married in Norway this summer but I found it hard when it comes to paper processing. If I will apply for Fiancee Visa now, it is perfect for me because I am allowed to stay in Norway for 6 months but after that, we really need to come back here in the Philippines since he has a daughter company here and my boyfriend doesn’t really like staying in Norway during winter.

    So about my situation that I wanted to ask you to get some idea is that, Do I need to apply for the family immigration visa or the residence card in Norway although we need to leave Norway after 6 months or I can do that here in the Philippines next year when I come back to Norway?

    Also, I read online that using a Fiance Visa you are allowed to work there, is that true or not? If that is possible, then it will be easy for me to work there since my boyfriend owns a company there.
    Hope you could give me some advice regarding my situation.

    Thank you so much in advance.


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    1. Hi Nerrie, thanks for dropping by. I understand that you and your fiance plans to live 6 months in Norway and 6 months in the Philippines because of the company. It is quite complicated, because the family reunification visa requires that both of you will live in Norway, in the same house, after getting married using the fiance visa. There is also a minimum number of days you can be outside Norway while on family reunification visa, so you can apply for permanent visa later on, If you don’t live together in Norway after the marriage, then, I do not suppose you will be granted a family reunification visa here. You can still proceed with the plan of applying for a fiance visa, getting married, but I have doubts about the family reunification visa/card. Wrt to the second question, I do not know if you can work or not under the fiance visa. I suggest you contact UDI to ask, they are very helpful, and also to avoid making legal mistakes. Good luck with the applications! 🙂


  7. Hei..I just want to ask (1.)how long is the expiration of red ribbon cenomar?.,I already take since November 2017.(2.)my boyfriend is a norwegian and we are planning for marriage by month of March,and I’m working as aupair here in norway,my contract will end by August (3)is it legal to work as aupair in my host family after I get married until end of the school for the month of june not on my contract,…thanks a lot for your response😊

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    1. Hei Reignz, the CENOMAR is valid for 6 months. Yes, you can still work as au pair while waiting for your family reunification visa, which usually takes about 3-6 months, depending on the case. But once your family reunification visa is granted, you have to start living with your husband, because that is one requirement under your family reunification. If you don’t, you might have problems when you renew the following year/s. Good luck! 🙂


  8. hi,,im a filipina,meron akong norwagian bf,,,his coming next year,nag.apply ako visit visa last sept.2017,it’s been refused,we havent meet yet,until now,,,so ,I have some questions
    1.allowed na ba ako mag apply for fiancee permit,once we meet na?what are the required documents do I need to prepare.,?
    2.or we need to get married here in phi.first ,because some of my friend who is in norway now,,mahirap daw maka pasok sa norway ,pag hindi family member.,,what should I do?
    hope someone can help…thank you

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    1. Hi lynn. When you apply for a fiance permit, may mga conditions na dapat mameet, like dapat si fiance mo may house at sufficient income to support you, at may mga tanong ka na dapat sagutin, like, paano kayo nagmeet at paano sya nagpropose. So I think. dapat magmeet muna kayo bago ka magapply ng fiance visa. Otherwise, they might see it as forced marriage. Now, since hindi naapprove tourist visa mo, si bf mo nalang papuntahin mo dyan. Ok lang din dyan kayo pakasal, then apply family reunification. Pero may mga conditions again na dapat mameet si husband mo at ikaw pag nagapply kayo ng family reuinification visa. Isa na dun ang income mo. 🙂 To get more info, pls go to You will find all the answers there, and you can also try to message them. They respond promptly. 🙂 Good luck!


  9. Hello.
    Thank you so much for all the information you share here, I find it very useful and helpful. I hope that you can also guide us through our journey.
    I am currently a teacher here in the Philippines , we visited Norway from April 2017 until July 22, 3017. I am now back in my job but my Norwegian boyfriend whom i met in Norway during my short visit wanted me to go back to Norway first week of November. We are at the moment confused of what visa to apply for. He wanted me to be in Norway the soonest time possible and be married there when I arrive. I read that I can apply for the visa to visit my boyfriend but should I already resign from my job, or would this affect my visa approval ? in my case, it seems convenient to resign so as not to affect the learning of my students but I am worried that this would also harm my application for another visa.
    Please help us, we are at the moment groping for answers and correct decisions as to this concern


    1. Hei Shei, tough decision to make. 🙂 One option is for you to apply for a fiance visa, which is valid for 6 months. You have to get married here within that 6 months, so you have to prepare all the necessary documents before you come here (legalized CENOMAR and birth cert). Note: It can take up to 4 months to process the fiance visa. I suggest you apply first for the fiance visa (now), and then, unfortunately, you’d have to quit your job. (Thinking about your students’ welfare here.) If you apply for the fiance visa now, you’d have the results before December.

      Another option is tourist visa, which is also a valid visa to get married here. It takes shorter processing time, but with shorter validity as well.
      Here’s the deal: if you apply for fiance visa, you would only have to renew your visa after you get married, so less expenses. If you choose the tourist visa, you’d have to apply for family reunification, first time, which is more expensive.

      Either way, you’d have to make the decision whether to do it now, or later after the school year. Check, you’d find the answers to almost all your queries there. Or you can send me a PM on my facebook page: Good luck!


  10. Hi! I found your blog and it’s very useful and informative. Thank you so much for writing this!

    I’m 24 years old and my Norwegian boyfriend and I are (maybe) settling down next year or so. Here’s the thing: is it better/easier to get married in Norway than in the PH? We still can’t decide where, and we barely have any clues with the legal processes and marriage laws in both countries.

    Cheers and thanks! More power to you. xx


    1. Thanks for dropping by, Mirabelle! It really depends on where you will be based. if you have valid visa in Norway (working, aupair, student, tourist), then it is better to get married here. You have to apply for RoM (Registration of marriage) anyway, so your marriage is also valid in PH. You also have the option to get married again in PH (for a more traditional feel. The requirements for getting married in both countries would be the same, I assume. If in PH, it’s your bf who needs to have a visa in PH + his personal documents (cenomar, bc, osv.). Whether you get married in Norway or in PH, you still would have to apply for family reunification visa after if you want to settle in Norway with your bf. If your bf will settle in PH with you, then he will be the one doing all the paper work. 😉


      1. Thank you so much! We’ll start talking about it soon. 🙂 For now, I’ll move on to your Norwegian language posts to help myself to learn. Heh.

        Again, this is a really amazing blog, and I’m grateful that there’s something like this to help Filipinas like us out. More power ate! 🙂


    2. just want to ask.,I’m working here as aupair here in oslo,My contract end August 2018,is it possible I can married to norwegian by december 2017,while I’m still continue to finish my contract.


      1. Hi Aying, I don’t know the rules in Denmark, whether you can continue working as aupair while married and waiting for family reunification visa in Norway. Here in Norway, it is possible. I suggest you call the Immigration there in Denmark and ask. 🙂


  11. Hi girl,
    Your blog is very helpful and informative.
    May itatanong lang po sana ako. Baka may idea ka. I’m currently aupair here in Denmark, and planning to move in Norway, ikakasal po. Kaso, hindi na kami nagapply nang fiancee visa. This month, nastart na ako pagprocess ng mga impt.documents from the Philippines.
    My point is, 😄 I’m going to move to Norway 4 months before my aupair visa expires. Walang other visa. I hope walang problema sa plano ko. Before my aupair visa expires, we are going to get married. I think since Scandinavian part din naman ang Denmark, walang maging problema. Hope you’ll give me some heads-up/ suggestions/recommendations 😅. Thanks Have a nice day.


    1. Hi Matet! Thanks for dropping by. As far as I know, you should have a valid residence permit/visa in Norway, not in Denmark. Kahit pareho silang parts ng Scandinavia, magkaiba pa rin silang state/country. As per Norwegian law: Ҥ 5 a. Lovlig opphold
      For å inngå ekteskap i Norge må en utenlandsk statsborger ha lovlig opphold i riket.
      0 Tilføyd ved lov 24 juni 1994 nr. 24 (ikr. 1 jan 1995).” So, you have to apply for a fiance visa in Norway. Otherwise, get married in Denmark. And then, apply for family reuinification here to live together with your husband.


  12. Hei, you’re post is really informative. Kudos to more articles. 🙂 Gusto ko lang sana itanong kung anong agency ang nagprocess sa paglegalized ng birth certificate at CENOMAR. Is it possible to find the agency online? Thanks. 🙂


      1. Thank you. I already messaged them but wala pa akong nareceive na reply until now. Paano ang pagprocess? Sila na ba magprocess sa pagkuha NSO and Cenomar pati pag red-ribbon? 🙂


    1. Hi Christel. The visa application indicated in my blog post is for family reunification. If you are to apply for fiance visa (you two are just about to get married), then, there is no problem with the age limit, for as long as you two are above 18 years old. If you apply for family reunification to live in Norway, NOT fiance visa, then you must be at least 24 years old. Exemption applies, yes, but the application process will take longer time.


  13. Hello po, married na po ako sa norwegian citizen and mag apply na po ako ng spouse visa tomorrow. Kailangan po ba yung brith certificate po na red ribbon four months old din? 😦 more than four months na po birth certificate ko na red ribbon 😥


    1. Hi Zoe, I’m not really sure what to answer. Photocopy lang ng BC moang kukunin nila, yung original is for verification only. I hope today would went well for you. Good luck!


  14. Hi, good day.
    I would like to seek your help about a Filipina au pair in Denmark planning to get married to a Norwegian citizen in Norway , is it possible or does she need to get another visa ? Salamat po.


    1. Hi Jyl, yes, as far as I know, she will need another type of visa, fiancee visa f eks. Anyone with a valid residence permit in Norway can get married here, and since your friend is a temporary resident of Denmark, she will need to apply for a residence permit/visa here. 🙂


      1. Hello Jyl and Matet,
        Paki share din sa’kin if ano ginawa/gagawin niyo. Nasa Denmark din ako ngayon.


  15. Hi ate thanks for sharing. Pero ask ko lang din po kung may idea kayo. What if kung sa pinas kinasal, both filipino, pero yung isa eh permanent resident na dito sa norway. Same pa rin po ba ang process ng pagpalit ng name? Kung online gagawin yun, hindi na po ba sila maghahanap ng mga papers, for example marriage cert.? Thanks po

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Sofia, yes, mas madali magchange name dito, basta resident na siya. Just go to skatteetaten. They can ask for vigselsattest, lalo kung hindi kayo sa Norway kinasal. And then, apply for a new passport and visa card. 🙂


  16. hei po, ask ko lang po sana sa case ng friend ko . shes an aupair here in norway and she got pregnant with a norweigan boyfriend, and the problem is sa august na po sya matatapos contract nya, ano po ba possible na way para mkapag stay sya dito aside of getting married , gusto po nila na dito ipanganak ang bata. salamat po sa sagot 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi ellen, as far as I know, her only choice is to get married and apply for family reunification visa, OR get a fiance visa, which is valid for 6 months. Medyo matagal din ang application process for the fiance visa so, she would probably conceive here in NO. If she doesn’t have a bachelor’s degree at hindi pa tapos iprocess ang fiance visa nya by august, she will have to leave and wait in PH. It’s a complicated process, and I highly suggest that she consult someone from the legal department, or even UDI. Just ask what options she has to stay. Good luck! 🙂


  17. Hi! 🙂 Do you have any idea if ever an au pair gets pregnant with non-scandinavian, will she be sent back to the PH? Her visa is valid for 1 year more. Thanks! xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Isabel, au pair visa requires that the aupair is childless, so yes, her visa will be revoked and she will be sent back to PH, technically. It is written in the contract. HOWEVER, if the father agrees to own the child and/or marry the au pair, then, they just need to secure all the necessary documents and apply for another type of visa. Since the au pair has 1 year left, it is totally possible to apply for family reunification for spouse of nordic citizens before the visa expires. If the couple wants to wait, they can apply for fiance visa. Note that they need to marry within 6 months after the fiance visa is granted. It is key that the father owns the child (dapat akuin ng tatay ang bata). I am not an expert in this type of case, but by the book, what I wrote applies. Good luck! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hi again! 😇 The boyfriend is Polish and not a citizen here in Norway. To whom should they ask for help, Politi or UDI? Regarding the situation.


  18. Another option aside from church and tinghuset is human etisk. We chose it as my fiancé is an atheist and doesn’t want to have the ceremony on weekdays. Tinghuset is open on weekdays only. Human etisk is super flexible, you can have your ceremony anytime and anywhere you want. But you have to pay 4800kr and be a member of their orgnization.
    Btw. I have plenty of questions 😂, I am an au pair now, contract ends on 2018. Wedding will be on June this year. Say, I applied for family reunification visa on July or August, and visa is granted on let say November, does it mean my au pair visa is revoked? And I can no longer function as au pair?
    2. After getting a new visa, I am planning to enroll to other course (LPT in Philippines). Would like to take up nursing or nursing assistant. Is it possible?


    1. Hi Mhay, thank you for the additional info! Haven’t heard about the human etisk option before, but of course, there’s also the private weddings. 😉 Congratulations! 🙂 Re: your questions, when your new visa is approved, your au pair visa is revoked. But you can still work as au pair, I think, since part of the provision of the family reunification visa is to work in Norway. However, requirement ng fam.reu. visa that you live together with your husband, so you will have to make arrangements, perhaps be a liveout aupair. Btw, I highly suggest that you find a regular and more satisfying job. 🙂 And of course, you can take høyere utdanning. I was also an LPT in PH, and now will take up sykepleierutdanning (para sa ekonomiya ;). Just make sure to have all your credentials and the requirements ready. Start with NoKUT assessement, then the language requirements (norsk trinn 3 or Bergenstest and English test). Note that trinn 3 is not the same as prøve 3. There are no nursing courses with English as MOI, so you need to fulfill the språk krav. The competition is very high, but it is possible to get in. I’ll write another entry about that later on. 🙂 Lykke til!


  19. Hei 🙂
    Nice Blogg found it helpful too 🙂 i got married in church and it cost me nothing too 🙂 its free as long as you will get married at the local church in your kommune 🙂 just have to call the kirke kontor in your kommune and book a time and church. And maybe visit the office to submit the requirements 🙂 i forgot the requirements but they are really nice so better ask nalang 🙂

    Nwei. Can you share with me on how to get in to university 🙂

    Big thanks in advance:)

    Hugs 🙂


    1. Hi Lea, thanks for the info! 🙂 I just went back to our kommune’s church page and saw that it’s free for its citizens but not for those coming from outside.
      Re: studies. Will post another article as many are asking about it. 🙂

      Cheers and hugs!


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