PHILIPPINES: Our memorable one-week stay in Bohol (Itineraries and Reviews) ❤ – Day 5

Alona Beach is Bohol’s little paradise! ❤ Located at the southwestern tip of the island, it has been a famous alternative to bigger white sand beaches in the archipelago. Amazing and peaceful white sand beach and world-class scuba diving opportunities are the main offers of Alona. Day 5 of our Bohol escapade was wonderfully spent, swimming and relaxing by the charming Alona Beach.

Alona Beach

The beach is 1.5 kms in length and bordered by stone walls at both end. Along the beach is a string of both high-end and small resorts, restaurants and souvenir shops. You can rent a beach chair for Php 150 each, which was the cheapest, if I remember correctly.

Alona Beach
Alona Beach

It is both a docking beach for tourist and passenger boats and a swimming arena. Swimming areas are bordered by floating rubber ropes. Carl & I availed a beach chair and spent a swimming day at Alona, accompanied by ice-cold beer and my favorite halo-halo. We also came across a Norwegian flag. It turned out that one of the certified divers there was Norwegian. 😉

The Norwegian flag

I was particularly charmed by the beach. The sun’s heat was perfect, and complemented the cool sea water. Just make sure to put on some sunblock! It might appear that the sun wasn’t making any damage on your skin, but wait ’til you get home. 😉 I was perfectly unharmed by the sun all throughout our vacation though. So, here are some photos of the charming Alona Beach:

Alona Beach
Towering coconut trees that somehow tried to give us shade
Towering coconut trees that somehow tried to give us shade
Carl swimmin!
Alona Beach
Fine sand!
Alona Beach
Alona Beach
Alona Beach
Alona Beach
Alona Beach

And another thing I loved about the beach? It was not crowded. It reminded me a little bit of Marbella beach in Malaga, Spain. But the waters in Alona are no doubt, better. 😉

Relaxing at Alona Beach

Aside from the beach, we also enjoyed the two outdoor pools at Scent of Green Papaya Resort. The resort offers free minishuttle to and fro the Alona beach every 30 minutes, but we only managed to avail it once because.. it was easier to hail a trike than to wait with uncertainty for the service?

Scent of Green Papaya Resort
Scent of Green Papaya Resort

Haha, surely Alone beach is one of the good memories we had in Bohol. How we miss being there! 😉

This is all for now. UP next.. our 6th day on the island. I won’t write about the 7th day, as it was spent swimming once again, so nothing much to write about. But the 6th day was teeming with sightseeing acivities once more! Can’t wait to make an entry about it. 😉

Cheers! #spreadlove

Alona Beach

Overview of our Bohol itinerary:

  • Day 1 – Arrival
  • Day 2 – Countryside Tour
  • Day 3 – Medical Center, allergy-problems
  • Day 4 – Island Hopping
  • Day 5 – Alona Beach
  • Day 6 – Panglao Tour, Birthday celebration
  • Day 7 – Swimming at the resort
  • Day 8 – Tagbilaran port

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