FUERTEVENTURA: Oasis Park – a must-see biosphere reserve!

Oasis Park is a famous tourist destination for people visiting the Canarian Island of Fuerteventura. It started as an ornamental plant nursery in 1985, housing different species from around the world. Today, it is proud Biosphere Reserve, featuring a wide variety of flora and fauna conserved in habitat-like nature. I was super impressed with the place when we visited it last month, and it became an easy favorite of mine! 😉

Oasis Park Fuerteventura

The park offers free bus ride from all over the island, but they advise that you pay the deposit beforehand, because then, they will prioritize you if the bus gets overcrowded. The bus driver checks the advanced purchased ticket, and lucky for us, Oasis Fuerteventura, pre-sells tickets.

Pre-purchased ticket to Oasis Park
The bus ride to Oasis Park

The rest of the amount you pay at the park. 🙂 Carl remembered the zoo and told me it was one of the best, because visitors can buy food for the animals and feed them! Sounds exciting, right? The same activity is also offered at ZOObic Safari in the Philippines, but we didn’t get to enjoy it as much as we did in Oasis.

Oasis Park is HUGE! We had a scrumptious lunch first, tried to gathered as much energy as we might need, and so began the marvelous visit with the animals, both wild and tame.

Lunch at Oasis Restaurant

So, here are shots of some of the lovely animals they’re sheltering at Oasis Park:

Pink flamingos
Feeding a giraffe
Giraffe, up close!
A turtle and a deer
Elephant ❤

Just like at Loro Parque on Tenerife Island, Oasis Park also conducts a few animal shows, like sea lions, reptiles, and open-air bird shows. I love the last one, because it was held on top of a hill, and it was open air! The birds were smart and well-trained. We had to take a mini-train going up the hill, and then walk through the botanical garden going down. It was amazing!

The ride up the hill, to see the birds of prey
Bird show
Fauna live show
Reptile show
Reptile show
Amazing sea lions!
The botanical garden
The botanical garden

So, what are the things I loved about Oasis Park Fuerteventura?

  1. It is HUGE! There was much to see, and you absolutely get your money’s worth. Not to mention, the FREE BUS to get there! (See the Park Map here: Oasis Park map)
  2. It’s 2-in-1. It’s both an animal biosphere reserve AND a botanical garden rolled into one! So, you really get a sense of how diverse Mother Nature is.
  3. They take GOOD CARE of the animals. They make sure that the habitats resemble the natural habitats of the animals! The food is fresh and controlled by Food authorities.
  4. They have many activities/experiences for visitors: Sea lion experience, Lemur experience, Food bags, and Safari experience! The last one takes you an a camer ride journey. Yes, Oasis Park actually has the largest camel reserve in Europe. And they are pioneering the production of camel milk, which is said to have properties that fight against diabetes.
  5. The attractions are fun and interactive! They have Fauna, Sea Lions, Birds of prey, and Parrots live shows.
Carl feeding the camels

Disclaimer: I do not condone the caging and maltreatment of animals. I did not find Oasis Park to be abusive towards the animals, and I appreciate their effort to provide a guilt-free experience for the visitors.

Here’s a little video of our visit. Enjoy!

Until the next entry! ❤ #spreadlove

Oasis Park Fuerteventura

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