FUERTEVENTURA: Amazing ways to get to know the little resort town of Corralejo

Corralejo is probably the most popular town for visitors in Fuerteventura. Located on the northern tip of the island, it faces the Atlantic Ocean and is home to the famous sand dunes which sits by the wide sand beaches of the once was a fishing town.  😉

Corralejo in Fuerteventura

Carl & I stayed in Oasis Village, a family-friendly resort, last December. We booked via Apollo, like we did with the Tenerife vacation in 2016. It is one of the cheapest options we had, but we were pretty much satisfied to get our money’s worth, or maybe even a little bit more. It took about 35 minutes to get there from the airport by bus, and when we got there, we were welcomed in a huge reception hall. The apartment wasn’t bad at all! The stay was All-Inclusive, although there were days when we just go to the dining hall just to get desert. Love their creme brulee! 😉 Here are some photos I took from Oasis Village:

Oasis Village
The reception desk

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The view from our balcony
Oasis Village

Enticing, right? And here are some of the meals they serve at the buffet:

Staying in Corralejo, we wanted to get a good glimpse of the city. Luckily, my husband knew exactly just how! This is probably unknown to many travelers, but at Centro Commercial El Campanario, or the central market where you’d find supermarkets, shops and kiosks, is a bell tower! Exact address: Calle Hibisco, 1, 35660 Corralejo, Las Palmas, Spain. The lift takes you a few floors, the rest — you have to climb by foot. At the top of the stairs, amazing views of Corralejo awaits! Lobos Island is even visible from afar, and a crater nearby. 😉

On the way to El Campanario 
Centro Commercial El Campanario
Up the bell tower!

(click on each circle to view big picture)

Being on top of the bell tower actually reminded me of the little town of San Narciso in the Philippines, where I also got to see amazing views of the city and the coastline, and the bell tower on the island of Fyn in Denmark, which provided proof that the country really is generally flat. I guess it is safe to conclude that bell towers are a cheap way to get a good glimpse of the city your visiting! Have to keep that in mind…

Afterwards, we went towards the Dotto minitrain station on Avenida Nuestra Senora del Carmen, or the town’s shopping street. To be honest, we just thought of taking the minitrain to avoid walking under the heat of the sun. But we were also curious about the mini-train’s route. So off we went!

Las Palmeras Commercial Center on the same shopping street
The Dotto minitrain waiting for us!
The tickets came with some discount coupons 😉
Waiting for other passengers! Hurry peeps!

I can’t remember how long the trip lasted (not more than an hour!), but we did get to see the ins and outs of the little town — a quick overview. We saw how clean it was and how minimal the traffic lines! Here are some shots from the train ride:



Here’s a little film of the El Campanario and Dotto minitrain escapade:

And of course, we ended the day with a delicious meal from Carl’s favorite pizza place in Corralejo, La Casita Parrilla Pizzeria, which was located on the same avenida (avenue). Ahh! I should agree, the food there was amazing!

La Casita Parrilla Pizzeria

This is all for now, folkens! Stay blessed, keep calm and explore Corralejo! #spreadlove


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