FUERTEVENTURA: Grandes Playas and Corralejo Dunes Natural Park

Long stretches of fine sand beaches, aqua blue seas, endless sand dunes and a temperate climate all year round — these are what makes Fuerteventura a famous destination for Northerners during winter. A sort of escape from the numbing coldness of ice and snow. The flight from Norway to the Canary Islands takes about 6 hours, but what awaits is worth the travel time.

Grandes Playas

We probably should have spent longer days in the beach, but Carl & I are really not into sunbathing. We prefer walking or running around, with lots of sites around to distract us. So, we alloted only one day for the famous sand dunes of Corralejo. We actually got a good glimpse of the dunes on our way back to the airport. I was really awed by the vast expanse of it!

Originally, we planned to get to the dunes by bus, but we waited and waited and waited, and it never came. So the first taxi to land our way, we took. Taking a cab in Fuerteventura was not very expensive anyway.

Waiting for the bus

The taxi driver dropped as off at Grandes Playas — roughly translated as the Grand Beach. 😀 The tagalog word for beach is aplaya, and many Spanish words are actually familiar, so I often do not have hard time visiting Spanish places. The beach, by the way, was amazing! However, it was surprisingly empty. I guess the wavy Atlantic seas did not appeal that much to the visitors, or we just came a little too early at 11 am?

Grandes Playas

A few meters from Grandes Playas is the popular Corralejo Dunes Natural Park! Omg. It was a huge, huge stretch of sand dunes. So far as the eyes can see! On our way back to the airport, we saw the extent of the sand dunes, and it literally runs for miles! If the south of Fuerteventura is filled with volcanic craters and rough and rugged landscapes, the north is a desert beauty.

Corralejo Dunes Natural Park

Before we head back to the town proper, we enjoyed some ice cold beverages as we stared at the vast wilderness.

Restaurante La Tasca

So, this is my last entry about beautiful Fuerteventura, unless we run out of places to visit and decide to come back. 😀 Before we left, we had a nice dinner of the traditional Spanish tapas! Of course, it was a must.

El Almacen del Gourmet
This is all for now! Until the next travel entry! #spreadlove


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